Saturday, December 8, 2012

Local Fire Hydrant Has Reformed

            When we last saw our friend he was hung over, ill-kempt, one of his caps had been pawned for alcohol. He was down and out. A few weeks ago this blogger had noticed that he wasn't drinking forties anymore and was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. This morning we find that he has undergone a radical transformation. A haircut, shower, new clothes and a fresh coat of paint to the curb below. His fire hydrant cap was reclaimed from the local pawn shop before someone sold it for scrap metal. Never would've thought that our friend here would have cleaned up his act so quickly. Many thanks to the local community for supporting him throughout his transformation and through his rehab. If you wish to visit our friend he is usually at Damen and Fargo busily studying to become a scientist. We don't like to think about the dark days of the past. 

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