Monday, December 31, 2012

Hira's Cafe Sushi On Morse. BYOB.

Taken 12/31/12 Happy New Year.

         When we last saw our sushi restaurant on Morse it was sweating the city health inspectors. Well they have passed inspection and they are open for business. It is BYOB and CASH ONLY, not a bad deal. 1416 w Morse (773) 262-1400 Picture of Hira's Cafe Sushi and Asian Bistro before they opened. Four stars out of five on Yelp.

1640 - 42 W Fargo Five Years Later. (One Reason Why Rogers Park Had Great 2012)

2007 from Fargo Observer
December 2012 Chevanston.


               Fargo Woman comments back in 2007 on the blog Fargo Observer "1640-42 W. Fargo: Tracking number 0701061791 This building has been vacant for over two years. ....... This building also has easily accessible front balconies with widows and doors in each of them. In addition to the overgrown foliage, the sidewalk is broken and pitted. I took a nasty fall there just two or three weeks ago. I'm OK, praise God, but someone else might not be so blessed.."

        Fast Forward to 2012 and the building has new owners (Pritzker?) and is being managed by his management company (Rogers Park Vintage Management) and has been completely fixed up this past summer. It indeed was a failed condo conversion that sat empty from 2008 until this year. The back has a brand new porch and people are just now living here. Yes Rogers Park has had a very good 2012 and this is just one specific example of how and why. Keep Voting!

Chevanston, Illinois Circa 2012

       This first photo is taken from Paulina looking north towards Evanston, just south of Rogers. You can see the James Sneider senior apartments to the left and the Gateway plaza parking garage to the right. Straight ahead you see 415 w Howard Evanston, Il peeking over the Gateway plaza and bus terminal. Have a safe New Year's Eve on this last day of 2012! 

          This second photo is taken from the roof of the Gateway parking plaza looking northwest. To the bottom right is the Howard L station. And the 18 story luxury apartment building 415 w Howard Evanston, Il to the left. To make it to this vista simply take the urinevator to the top. The urinevator is accessed from the bus station down below or walk up the stairs. The stairs were officially off limits to pedestrians on this day of December 31st 2012 as marked by a plastic floor sign. To see how the new Chevanston blog header was created continue reading below.

Edit 2.0

This is 100 percent Chevanston copyright and if
used by anyone else they will be sued to the fullest
extent of the law (J.K.). (JK is the intials of my lawyer)
       Just read way too much about image copyright infringement on blogs. Will have to see what is really what there, because Chevanston wants to respect that. Perhaps its just better to only use home made photos. There is a fine line that shouldn't be crossed.

         In some ways it forces people to be more creative, because otherwise all blogs would just be amalgamations of google image views, (which sometimes they are). Which really would be boring. Never tried the blog thing before (much to learn), very easy to get yourself into trouble with the image copyright infringement though. 

Anyways, anyone know where this sign is at? If you don't, just call the number if you feel like cheating.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Alwart's Clean Coal.

           1940 Ad for coal and material in Rogers Park and Evanston. This postcard advertisement can be all yours for just shy of a buck fifty on Ebay. The Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society used to have a picture of Alwart's on Wikipedia. Next to the now broken link it mentions that Alwart's Coal Company was located at 6545 N Ridge Avenue. That property is now part of S and C electrical company.

Blog Post Of The Year.

             This award won't be given out this year, but will be voted on next year here on Chevanston. Enough "reblogging" for one year. If anyone has an opinion of what they thought was the blog post of 2012 for Rogers Park feel free to comment here. 

From Wikipedia "However, LeBleu's version of the "retweet bank" interprets the virtual currency model in the following manner:

one's own repost of other's posts = means of gaining influence currency
other's reposts of one's own posts = loss in influence currency,

while Arrington's version - from the perspective of the importance of web search engines in driving link-based[disambiguation needed] traffic to web pages - interprets the model in the following manner:

the repost by someone else of one's own post = means of accruing influence currency
one's repost of another user's post = the loss of influence currency." "

          LeBlue's opinion or Arrington's opinion? Neither is completely right, shedding light on something deserving is for the good of everyone. Not sure how Leblue's version works though.

Chase Ave "L" Underpass Badly Tagged

Taken 12/29/12

          Graffiti vandals are drawn to neglected, rundown areas. Once the vandalism is allowed to fester it spreads. This is the worst collection of graffiti that has been allowed to accumulate in Rogers Park for sometime. Why doesn't Chicago have a Graffiti Trackers program? Do these offenders fear capture or punishment? How many times do they tag their graffiti and over and over? How much money is this costing the average taxpayer?

           All important and unanswered questions. To review previous articles on neighborhood graffiti and also what the Graffiti Tracker programs can do to help with this problem check here. It is always important to remove graffiti immediately yourself (if feasible) or report it to 311. In the mean time the vandals doing this should be caught and made to pay for their crimes, but there is no real program in place to accomplish this. Will such a system ever be put into play? Time will tell of course but this viaduct should
 get some TLC and be on the short list for a new mural.

Emails to report graffiti

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Uptown Lounge - Rogers Park Area Bar?

Great Martini Specials at Rogers Park Area Late Night Bar – Angela D.

Lincoln Parker Declares This To Be Rogers Park Area Bar.
Exclusive Photo Copyright Chevanston 12/31/12

Sat., Dec. 29, 12:17 a.m.

“One night during the week, my girlfriends and I always go to Uptown Lounge for their martini specials and have a good time! It’s a cute little bar with a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Their staff is always friendly and welcoming, which is why we like going there so much.
- Angela D. of Lincoln Park

Bloggers Note - This is copied verbatim from  Metromix, kind of a major site. This was found searching "Rogers Park" in the Google news section. Are people this ignorant? She is from Lincoln Park so everything up north tends to get lumped together (we suppose), but this shouldn't be on a site this big. Are there no moderators on this site?

Oh the fine print "Disclosure: This content is provided by or on behalf of a local business. The content is not subject to the editorial policies of Metromix and is not reviewed for accuracy, objectivity or balance." Great site! Is this where suburbanites get their information? Scary to contemplate.

Farcroft By The Lake. Occupancy Spring 2013.



                  As of 12/28/12 its official.  Farcroft will be available for occupancy come Spring 2013. Leasing office is at the Rogers Park Vintage Management office at 1443 w Jarvis. Another reason why Rogers Park had such a great 2012, one of its finest vintage apartment buildings is getting the royal treatment. Actually the Leasing office is on Greenview just south of Jarvis. This would be an awesome place to live, hopefully will post interior shots and some high rise views. Check over here to see the rendering of the Farcroft Lobby. Bonus pictures after the jump break (Read More).

Leasing office at 7361 N. Greenview.

Rogers Park Polar Bear Club

Yes that is snow on the ground. Polar Bear Club Members about to take a dip.
(screenshot of Rogers Park Polar Bear Club You Tube Video)

"The RP and Beyond: Rogers Park Polar Bear Club Shared on Google+. View the post. You +1'd this publicly. UndoDec 30, 2009 รข€“ Ok, it's T-minus two days before the walnuts are frozen in Lake Michigan. As posted before, we are starting our own Rogers Park Polar Bear ..."

             The above excerpt is all that is left of this old blog. Here is the You Tube video uploaded Jan 1 2010 by mikeshaw21.  Videographer at the end of their swim, "How was it?" . The polar bear answers, "You don't have to be on the pill anymore."

            Polar Bear Club type activities were recently brought up as a possible reason for the recent accidental death of 72 year old Rita Shcherbakova of 7400 N Rogers Ave in Lake Michigan. Her body washing ashore in the 1000 w block of Pratt Ave the morning of December 23rd  This was posted to the Broken Heart and also reported on by Very hard to die an accidental death in Lake Michigan in the winter unless you are swimming in frigid waters, dying from hypothermia or heart attack. One could also slip on ice off the pier, which wasn't there as this occurred before the recent Christmas snowfall. 

Bloggers Note - Evanston Polar Bear Event.

Neighbor of the Year 2012. Applejack.

       The award was voted on and determined in a secret caucus, the location unknown as we were  blindfolded and led there by the sacred virgins. We have an unofficial area for neighbors to meet, exchange ideas, to ask whether it was gunfire or fireworks, talk about sick cats, look for a plumber or just wonder why fire trucks are parked outside. Neighbors come and neighbors go. Some have been permanently banned, some secretly lurk in the shadows and some use sock puppets. It is appropriate that the neighbor of the year for 2012 was permanently banished. And that winner is Applejack. 

Full Moon Above Farwell Pier 
(AKA Farwell Ave Breakwaters)
          Applejack posted numerous stunning photos of Farwell Pier throughout the spring, summer and fall of 2012. More importantly he was instrumental in getting the Farwell Pier Beacon re-lit. That red light blinks every three seconds now because of his hard work and due diligence in speaking with the myriad bureaucrats of the city and park district necessary to get such a feat accomplished. The Farwell Pier's light is an important nautical landmark that keeps swimmers, sailors and surfers safe. Lake Michigan along the coast of Rogers Park is a beautiful place where couples stroll for an early evening romantic walk made just that more picturesque with the beacon of Farwell Pier now re-lit.  This is just one example of the many photos and stories he submitted and shared with the community. This photo was published on the Village Message Board on August 3rd 2012. To read the comments that were attached to this fine photograph plus continue reading below.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Rogers Park Versus Avondale For Curbed Cup Trophy.

Mr Broken Heart's message to both neighborhoods on Curbed Chicago.

         "Ok, all you doubting Thomases. So Rogers Park and Avondale made it to the finals. I'm a bit shell shocked about the results, myself. But now that we're here, let's embrace it. As one of our Buddha's would say if they could talk, "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned...."From one happy blogger to another, I'm wishing my buddy, Timmy, at good luck. May the best "blog-happy" neighborhood win."

Time for Rogers Parkers to vote


Rogers Park.

Update 12/29 7:47 am - 1077 votes Rogers Park leads with 58 percent of the vote. Keep Voting. Rogers Park had been leading with much as 75 percent of the vote so Avondale's citizens are starting to vote.

Update 12/30 11 am It has been a fierce battle the past 24 hours, Avondale held a slim lead last night, but currently Rogers Park has 50.3 percent of the votes with 2099 votes total cast, Keep Voting!

Update 12/31/12 Two thousand five hundred fifty eight votes. Rogers Park holds the lead with 53.2 percent of the vote. Keep Voting!

1/1/12 - Rogers Park held the lead 54 percent of votes

1/2/12 - Rogers Park last held the lead at about 6am with about 51.5 percent of the votes and then the avalanche of votes never stopped, probably about two thousand votes came in. Good strategy Avondale. Sneak attack.

Best Blog Photo Series 2012.

Close Up Of  Thillens Field.
        This is the best photo series for a Rogers Park (or related) blog for 2012. Yes this subject isn't in Rogers Park, but in West Ridge. We pass by this beautiful landmark everyday, many of us have never been inside. If you are feeling cooped up, stretch your virtual legs and take a virtual tour through our very own field of dreams.. 
       Word 49 is a great companion site to the well known Rogers Park in 1,000 words. Word 49 focuses on the Rogers Park, Edgewater and West Ridge neighborhoods.Photography by Autumn Davids on June 23 2012. Thillens is located  at 6404 N. Kedzie Avenue Chicago IL 60645. Recently the Cubs invested 2 million dollars into Thillens Field sometime around 2005/2006 and reopened the park. This ball field has been here since 1938 and the giant ball with the Thillens name on it used to spin. It was built by the  Thillens family who has a check cashing business, and was built for six million

"Thillens is at the northwest corner of Devon and Kedzie on land owned by the Water Reclamation District and annexed by Lincolnwood, Illinois" This is suspect information from the Wikipedia website. Is someone trying to change the border of the City of Chicago?

Wikimapia - shows that it is in Lincolnwood. This is an official request form if you want to play ball at Thillens and it says the Chicago Park District. Yo Chicago says its in West Ridge. Thillens the business that founded the ball field says it donated the stadium to Chicago in 2005. Looks like Wikipedia is wrong on this one, wouldn't be the first time.

Welcome to (Radio) Chicago, 93 XRT.

          This mural is on Sheridan just north of Rogers welcomes motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc to Chicago. Sad to see that it has fallen into such disrepair. Three sections of the advertising have been removed and the 93 is badly faded. XRT is Chicago's greatest radio station and Rogers Park is Chicago's greatest neighborhood. It is only fitting that we have such a sign restored to its original splendor. Most advertising is ugly and blight, not so with this sign. Pretty old fashioned for radio stations to advertise at all nowadays, used to be quite common.
Rogers Park's Tallest Building the Farcroft in the distance.
        Cursory research reveals that this station was originally WFJL from 1947 until 1959, then it was WSBC from 1959 to 1963, then WXRT in 1964. First official on air (in current format) date is listed as 1972. WXRT was locally owned until 1995 when it was bought out by CBS. Based upon this information gleaned from wikipedia and looking at the wear on the sign, one would guess that this advertising is from when WXRT was locally owned and from sometime in the eighties. This photo was taken December 24th 2012. A short walk down the street to the Sheridan and Rogers intersection you can see the mighty Farcroft peeking out above the other buildings.
To see a closeup of the Farcroft with its scaffolding still evident continue reading below

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rogers Park In Curbed Finals.

         13th seed Rogers Park makes it to the finals of Curbed Chicago's neighborhood of the year for 2012. Rogers Park won with 53.6 percent of the vote, total votes cast 1827, by far the most cast in this contest so far. Rogers Park will be facing the winner of the Andersonville and Avondale contest. Andersonville is a business district and a Chamber of Commerce so it shouldn't even be in this neighborhood of the year poll. As of 2pm CST Avondale has 51 percent of the vote, with 627 votes cast. We may be facing Avondale in the Finals. Rogers Park is the ultimate under dog and surprised the West Loop with its denizens' devotion and dedication. Thanks for all the votes neighbors!

Evanston "City of Signs" Celebrates Sesquicentennial In 2013 With Another Sign.

          The City of Evanston just planted signs commemorating their founding in 1863. This includes the border at Clark, Chicago Ave by Howard, upon arriving via Oakton and probably every other possible route into the city! This year they are celebrating their sesquicentennial anniversary. This particular set of signs was photographed just north of  Chicago on Dodge Ave. Evanston, "the City of Signs" is 150 years old. How do you know you've arrived and entered Evanston? Well for one thing you are assaulted by more signs than you have ever seen you in your whole life. For a blow by blow interpretation of what you are expected know when you drive into Evanston please continue reading below.

What's that I see by that white car?
More signs!                                                            
The signs continue and blur into infinity.

Runner Up Blog Post Of The Year.

B1E Gallery.
            The Mystery Machine was in town this summer and was spotted by a few people in Rogers Park, including Bill Morton. Hopefully the gang got whoever was behind the ghosts that were haunting the area and trying to scare everyone away from the treasure. "And I would have got away with it to! If it weren't for those meddling kids!" PostedAugust 29 2012. Rogers Park in 1000 Words has been around since 2007 and Bill Morton gives us his own personal view of our neighborhood, its natural beauty, plethora of different cultures and businesses with his many, many pictures. Here's hoping that 2013 is a great year for this blog, it hasn't been as active of late, but bloggers have been known to suffer from burnout and sabbaticals can lead to rejuvenation and reinvention.

            Update - There are many Mystery Machines in the United States. The Scooby Doo Mobile is said to resemble an old Ford Econoline. If you want to try your hand at creating your own Mystery Machine there are plenty of cheap ones for sale.

1969 Ford Econoline $14,995 (painted beige now though)
The listing also notes that its being used in major motion
picture coming out soon.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sakrete Advertising @ Future Trader Joe's Site.

          Sakrete Concrete sign unearthed after recent demolition making way for the new Trader Joe's. Sakrete was founded in 1936 which makes ready made concrete mixture for homeowners and independent contractors. Previously they would've had to mix the raw material (sand, gravel, cement ) themselves or buy small amounts mixed up from cement mixing businesses like business founder Art Avril's. The business boomed, and within ten years it went from local (Ohio) to regional and the first plant here in Illinois was in Franklin in 1948 and soon after national. Like alot of names or words (like Chevanston) its a portmanteau, a combination of sack and concrete, Sakrete. The demolition of the old Blockbuster space began earlier this month.

             Wrecking balls, bulldozer scoops, and semi trailer taking a well deserved break on the left. And the giant crane is inactive at the moment but awaits the call to finish the job.

Update 12/26/12 - Reading the 8th Ward Evanston Forum  a neighbor writes " it was "Cawley's Tru (sic)-Value". The family still runs "Harolds Tru(sic)-Value" on Central St." So this demolition revealed that there used to be a True Value Hardware store on Chicago Ave, run by the same family that runs the True Value on Central in Evanston.

Fire Hydrant Of The Year (and of Beat 2431).

Photo - Copyright Applejack Industries.
            This hydrant which is of the standard red flanged variety resides on Morse by the Lake. The plain red flange means its connected to an eight inch water main. The red is an eye popping Safety Red #7564 manufactured by Rust-Oleum. This was posted to the Village Message Board July 15th 2012. This photograph captures the first place win which was a landslide victory in the first annual Rogers Park Fire Hydrant Beauty Contest this past summer. Applejack reported on this event "this Fire Hydrant wins first prize as the most beautiful, talented, congenial and "sexy" Fire Hydrant in East Rogers Park, currently residing in Beat 2431. Not being able to find original records or certificates, the judges exclaimed"Almost as beautiful and radiant as the day of birth." " Please visit the Village Message Board (Everyblock) for full coverage.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mural & Photograph Of The Year. Farwell Viaduct.

                 Best photo that Benjamin Woodard (our official local bloodhound) or anyone this year  has taken. Bar none. The photo was posted to his old rag Rogers Park News that was also up on Instagram, aka Insta-RPN and was posted 10/2/12. This is one impressive mural for the City of Chicago let alone Rogers Park. This photo only got two likes on Facebook and no tweets, that needs to change! This is an arresting image and deserves Chevanston's vaunted award for photo of the year.This is the home page of Mear-One.  Mear-One is the graffiti artist who composed this mural freehand with spray paint. This may be his best work to date.

Reenactment of prize winning photo.
Rumors of a White Xmas have been confirmed by independent sources.

Seagram's Greetings! And Merry Christmas!

           During the recent reconnaissance on Howard this holiday message was discovered. Neighbors please do not overindulge with the alcohol this Christmas. Stay safe and have a jolly good time. (This yellow brick building is intriguing and is up for sale. Would be most excellent to see a decent business here same time next year. Wonder when this Chinese restaurant closed up shop?)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Political Blog Post Of The Year.

              Chicago News Bench. More of a political blog than a Rogers Park blog, to keep the liberal nuts in check with reality. This blog is copyright T.H. Mannis. Will National Empty Chair Day become an annual event? With so many holidays and events every year this blogger highly doubts it.

Edit - The title was simpflied from "Best Rogers Park Policital Blog Post Of The Year." It must be assumed since it is the political blog of the year that it is the "best" and that as this site does touch on Evanston issues it still is a Rogers Park centric site and no Evanston blogs of note have been discoverd to date. 

Art on Howard. Increase The Peace!


          Presumably the address here is 713 w Howard as the address next door is 711 w Howard. This is on the "Evanston side of the street". This was a nice surprise that this writer happened upon while investigating the source of the subliminal messages concerning that new movie Django Unchained. Atleast Evanston hasn't gotten rid of their old fashioned parking meters, another added bonus to Howard street. Please continue reading below to see the closeup of the painting of the dog getting his belly rubbed.


            Most of writing is rewriting and editing. Same goes for writing blog posts. Without going into too much detail, this site is being overhauled so that links are unobtrusive, style is not too "vitriolic", content is not "overborrowed", extra words are simply cut out and credit being given where it is due. Not every picture needs to be gigantic and it does take time to actually not suck  at using this format. There is a reason why most blogs die a quick death, they are a ton of work. We still need an alternative to the Village Message Board as any neighborhood worth its salt does. Chevanston strives to fill that void. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Django Unchained Opens Decemeber 25th.

Hairz R Us Building Is Yellow.
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Vengeance.


               If you feel an unnatural presence hovering over you pressuring you to see Django Unchained, well we now know the reason. This billboard way, way, way up on the Hairz R Us building on the south side of Howard has been subliminally affecting everyone who travels this street for the past few weeks. Its really best just to go with the flow otherwise you might feel the urge to follow the other billboards' suggestions in Rogers Park to drink Diet Coke, eat McDonalds or start mixing hard liquor with Seagrams beverages, which is really worse for your health.

          Reading reviews of Django Unchained it appears this pre-civil war epic will be "Tarantino Unleashed". This film stars Christopher Waltz (remember his breakout performance in Inglorious Basterds?), Jamie Foxx, Leonardio DiCaprio, and Samuel L. Jackson. Apparently Taratino is said to have been afraid that he was going too far with his very brutal and realistic protrayal of slavery in this film. This is also Tarantino's homage to spaghetti westerns. The next thing to do is wait for the freshness rating on which should be decent.

Scrolls Salvaged From Synagogue Fire in 1959


"Hebert Ellis and Herman Lanfield and the scrolls they rescued from the burning Rogers Park Synagogue" 

This photo is available from ebay for 18.88. 

The small newsprint states that "Herbert Ellis (left) and Herman S. Lam (right) who risked their lives when they rushed into burning Congregation Sinai of Rogers Park synagog (sic), 6905 N Sheridan Rd to bring out sacred scrolls of the Torah and other religious articles, are shown with the Torahs in the Landfield home at 6919 N Sheridan Rd. Three other passerby aided them in bringing out the articles before firemen arrived to put out the fire." June 15th 1959.

Reasons To Support Burger King On Clark.

Burger King is good enough for NorthWestern.
Isn't it good enough for Rogers Park?
               The history of Burger King in Illinois is more interesting than one would expect. The first Burger King in Illinois to open was in Mattoon, Illinois in 1957 and is independent of the official Burger King Chain. It was named Burger King to complement the Frigid Queen ice cream shop in town. This restaurant was state trademarked in 1959. The Florida chain of Burger Kings opened the first Burger King in Illinois in Skokie in 1961.By 1967 there were fifty Burger Kings in Illinois from the Florida chain. The inevitable law suit followed Burger King of Florida, Inc. v. Hoots (1968). The final decision came down in favor of the Florida chain which had a federal trademark, but they couldn't build a Burger King within 20 miles of the Mattoon Illinois location to respect their state trademark.

Take a load off and relax in
this awesome comfy chair!
Catch up on the local news
while having some lunch!


     Reasons to support a Burger King on Clark.

            1. Traffic Calming. Extra traffic from drive thru
            2. Jobs are created.
            3. More eyes on the street and increased foot traffic on Clark.
            4. Taxes are being paid on an otherwise unproductive lot.
            5. Everyone else has one, why don't we?
            6. The "Internet Zone" with free wifi (pretty likely)
            7. Computers for public use (possibly)
            8. Contemporary Burger King with cafe style seating
            9. Burger King may start delivery to your door.
           10.Whopper just turned 55 and "I'm hungry"!

            This article from Business Insider Advertising (How Burger King Went From McDonald's Greatest Rival To Total Train Wreck) gives a good look at what happened with Burger King from 2003 and on and the endless slew of hilarious and unpopular marketing campaigns that Burger King tried to regain market share. The most memorable marketing recently of Burger King was the bizarre King. Bob Garfield of Ad Age is quoted "Likewise the King ... is not only un-animated but frozen in place, a grotesque death mask of a grin, like something out of a John Carpenter movie. You don't know whether you're going to have it your way or he's going to have his way with you." Reading the article we see that sales have declined since 2008. March 2011 Burger King lost the number two spot of burger sales to Wendys. Justice Holdings acquired Burger King in April 2012.

              France is welcoming Burger King back after a fifteen year absence with two new stores in 2013. "A Burger King spokesperson on Thursday told FRANCE 24 that the restaurant at London’s St Pancras station was consistently packed with “French visitors coming off the Eurostar.”" What a weird situation to picture. French taking the Eurostar train that travels underground from France to England underneath the English Channel and then swarming the Burger King there in London en masse. Flickriver has 18,580 pictures of Burger King related pictures, actually very interesting in a morbid way. This article describes the  remodeling going on at some Burger King franchises right now in western Michigan. The are installing  computers for customer use, free wifi in their "Internet Zone" and cafe style seating.

Extra Bonus, as you exit you can see how tall you are!