Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jarvis kiosk light is up and running.

"Mystery" solved, the Elite Welding mentioned on the Jarvis street kiosk is Elite Inc. Nice to see the kiosk's light working this morning. As part of the EL rehab the concrete around the kiosk was redone. Hopefully the signage on the kiosk will be refreshed this coming spring as well. Looking at the geography of the area one can't help but notice that the alley which Elite Inc. occupies used to run from Jarvis to Ashland following the EL tracks. Especially if you look at Google Maps.

There is a diagonal alley/street denoted from Jarvis that connects to Fargo/Ashland. Like most east/west streets in Rogers Park it looks like Jarvis used to be two way (otherwise why would the old traffic signal at Jarvis and Ashland have lights pointing east and west?)

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