Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rogers Park Polar Bear Club

Yes that is snow on the ground. Polar Bear Club Members about to take a dip.
(screenshot of Rogers Park Polar Bear Club You Tube Video)

"The RP and Beyond: Rogers Park Polar Bear Club Shared on Google+. View the post. You +1'd this publicly. UndoDec 30, 2009 รข€“ Ok, it's T-minus two days before the walnuts are frozen in Lake Michigan. As posted before, we are starting our own Rogers Park Polar Bear ..."

             The above excerpt is all that is left of this old blog. Here is the You Tube video uploaded Jan 1 2010 by mikeshaw21.  Videographer at the end of their swim, "How was it?" . The polar bear answers, "You don't have to be on the pill anymore."

            Polar Bear Club type activities were recently brought up as a possible reason for the recent accidental death of 72 year old Rita Shcherbakova of 7400 N Rogers Ave in Lake Michigan. Her body washing ashore in the 1000 w block of Pratt Ave the morning of December 23rd  This was posted to the Broken Heart and also reported on by Very hard to die an accidental death in Lake Michigan in the winter unless you are swimming in frigid waters, dying from hypothermia or heart attack. One could also slip on ice off the pier, which wasn't there as this occurred before the recent Christmas snowfall. 

Bloggers Note - Evanston Polar Bear Event.

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