Thursday, December 27, 2012

Evanston "City of Signs" Celebrates Sesquicentennial In 2013 With Another Sign.

          The City of Evanston just planted signs commemorating their founding in 1863. This includes the border at Clark, Chicago Ave by Howard, upon arriving via Oakton and probably every other possible route into the city! This year they are celebrating their sesquicentennial anniversary. This particular set of signs was photographed just north of  Chicago on Dodge Ave. Evanston, "the City of Signs" is 150 years old. How do you know you've arrived and entered Evanston? Well for one thing you are assaulted by more signs than you have ever seen you in your whole life. For a blow by blow interpretation of what you are expected know when you drive into Evanston please continue reading below.

What's that I see by that white car?
More signs!                                                            
The signs continue and blur into infinity.

Welcome to Evanston, we are 150 years old! Also hand held devices are banned while driving. Also please remember to call 311 if you need information regarding Evanston or tune your radio to 1650 am. The speed limit is 30 miles per hour. Also up ahead is James Park, and the Levy Center and this is the  Evanston bicycle path. Something about Advanced Placement Founding Members. Also no parking here on alternate Thursdays in March. And later on its 25 miles per hour.... Are you getting all this down?!

Here is an excerpt from The Traffic Guy from The Evanston Roundtable "The Traffic Guy thinks ...
... that there are altogether too many signs on the parkways. Take a look at the photo (at the top of the page) of signs along Asbury as soon as the unsuspecting visitor crosses Howard (or returns to PRE, the People’s Republic of Evanston). So do we really want people to come here or just violate some laws on their way through? "

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