Thursday, December 20, 2012

Suspect In Morse EL Sexual Assault Caught On Camera

              Broken Heart broke the alarming news yesterday (12/19/12) that a sexual predator attacked a woman by Lunt and Glenwood. CBS News released photos of the suspect from area security cameras. Per CBS news "Police said the victim was walking near Greenview and Lunt Avenues around 5:30 a.m., when she was grabbed and dragged to a construction site, and sexually assaulted." The news report goes on to say that the assailant also took the victim's purse and then allegedly escaped via a redline train, thereby generating the above photos of the suspect.

            We have to remember to be careful at odd hours, including early in the morning. Whenever it appears desolate in the city, a criminal maybe be lying in wait just around the corner. Be vigilant as you would be anyways, life in the big city forces us to be. Walking around either late at night or early in the morning is dangerous so please be careful, better to walk in groups or carry a whistle or mace. Speaking from experience this blogger can relate that attackers can literally come out of the woodwork if you are alone at any time of day. Unfortunately this has been going on for time immerorial, with highwaymen robbing stagecoaches late at night or lone passerbys in the precolonial forests of America. Thankfully we have technology nowadays to capture photos of the evil men who commit these deeds.

Update 12/20/12 noon - Ward 49 posted a gigantic flyer showing multiple pictures of the suspect.

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