Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Warm night for the Night Ministry on Howard


Closest location is in Lincoln Square and Night Ministry gets an almost perfect rating on Yelp. Taken the night of December 3rd, unseasonably warm, humid and in the sixties. People were manning tables set up on Howard just west of Custer/Damen on the south side of Howard.

Looks like something out of the Dark Knight. The logo and name gives one an immediate impression of a legitimate presence of authority and help. Pretty sure that Gotham City has one of these and that Batman has conferred with some of the workers on tough cases in the past.

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Dangerously unstable individual said...

Almost any undercover cop worth his or her salt should pretend to be a needy person and go eat and soup kitchens and hear bad guys plan their latest shenanigans, I have heard plenty whenever I'm so broke I've had to use them. A Just Harvest is the best place to do just that.