Sunday, December 2, 2012

Family Dollar, A Touch Of Class On Morse Ave.


  Family Dollar recently added a wonderful promotional canvas poster to its Morse avenue store. Low price cigarettes are an important niche in any vibrant main street in America. This promotion will draw positive foot traffic. Now even those on fixed incomes can afford to continue smoking rather. In a world that has been all too unfriendly to Big Tobacco this is very refreshing to see. Bring the whole family down to Family Dollar and buy some smokes.  Read below the flyers from Break Free Alliance from North Carolina. Family Dollar has been promoting & selling tobacco all over the country.

"Last week's earning call by Vector, the nation's fourth largest cigarette maker, revealed that Family Dollar will be adding Vector's discount Pyramid brand to 5,000 stores."

"The discount chain's decision to carry Pyramid makes sense: Pyramid boasts a nearly 13% share of the discount market and, with an average retail price of $3.96, is one of the lowest-priced brand names available."


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I have found Family Dollars to be uniformly depressing, they are in towns as small at 10,000. And the Family Dollars there are just as bad as the ones here in Chicago. They make Walmarts look like fancy.

Walgreens and Family Dollar, with neighborhood businesses that only care about the bottom line. Walgreens has the cheap liquor covered and Family Dollar has the cheap cigarettes, are they going to help us pay for the associated health care costs?

RPSlayer said...

"I know when I want cigarettes, I want to buy them at the lowest price possible so they taste like tree-bark soaked in a barrel full of leaky colostomy bags. Also, I want to stand in line in the dirtiest, most disorganized store ever imagined. If possible, could this store reside on Morse Avenue in Chicago?"

-Said nobody, ever.

Dangerously unstable individual said...

I guess I just don't understand the English language as well as I should, I do not know the origin of the phrase "Loose squares", cigarettes are a tube, right?
I recently de-friended a girl, in part because I learned she wanders around buying single cigarettes, which is just trashy, gross behavior.

Sammy Amato said...

Between the drunk obnoxious woman who hangs on Morse and Glenwood harassing people and the Family Dollar store, who needs anything else? No wonder businesses aren't making money on Morse. Time to clean it up.