Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Windows For 6923-21 N Wayne

The 16 flat ( or 18 flat? - which isn't for sale but Redfin thinks everything is) behind Pritzkers new apartment building slash parking garage is getting all new windows. Its gangway was defined by the back wall of the mini mall. Now its bordered by a chain link fence. Not the safest set up for the children who play out back. It will be tough on the occupants during the big build to come.

The sink hole on Wayne Avenue is now filled with storm debris. No major accidents yet, fingers crossed.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Natural Death

Rogers Park 6 am this morning

Bill Savage 9 am this morning reported, "Dead person under a sheet on lawn by tennis courts Pratt in Loyola Park. Spotted by morning dog-walkers".

Liam T. Ford tweeted half an hour ago ,"Sounds like a natural death".

Bill Savage, "I haven't seen any media coverage."

Peter Nickeas of the Chicago Tribune replied,"don't cover naturals usually."

....And the Everyblock discussion from 9/17/15.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Broadmoor Hotel On Howard

The vacant lot's fence became unraveled making the taking of this photograph possible. Not much action real estate wise with the Broadmoor, this vacant lot and its vacant buildings. Looked better with grass.

Was it really for sale? Did someone buy it? Will there be a drive-thru on Howard? Why was this cut through fenced off in the first place? Lots of questions and uncertainty for this stretch of Howard.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Keep Out! (Of This Death Trap)

Walking down this blind alley off grid (and Google Maps) you come upon a piddle soaked entry way. You are tempted to investigate the debris filled horror of a back patio but a large KEEP OUT stops you in your tracks. 

Decades of deferred maintenance of the old Eagle Cleaning and Dyeing Co. (and the building next door) has resulted in a courtyard of terror. Hidden from prying eyes an iron gate and a stern warning protects the most foolhardy from tetanus. 

Move along now. Its bizarre, strange, weird other worldly oddness has a grip on you but you must shake it off. Slap yourself if you must; keep walking. There is another exit to the northwest. Turn left  and head south to Greenleaf and back east to Clark. You're hungry and need something to eat. Find a seat at the old A & T and await further instructions.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day Two Of Wayne Ave Sinkhole

No major crashes yet. Some smart alec decided to take the orange traffic cone last night and drop it off at the corner. Bicyclists and especially motorists are at risk for a major crash. Falling into something like this could put you and your vehicle out of commission.

Bessemer Youngtown O Block the brick reads. City services will be notified tomorrow. Police already know. Spread the word to watch out for this slowly widening chasm on North Wayne Ave.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Watch Out For Giant Sink Hole On Wayne Ave

Disappearing SRO's On Clark Street

Scaffolding protects passerby from falling debris. An old mail slot is a handy way to power the outside safety lights. Graffiti sits defiantly atop city laid brown paint covering older graffiti. The scaffolding now obscures the etching in the concrete above; Eagle Cleaning & Dyeing Co, seen more clearly here in 2009.

Permit issued 8/21/15 - for work at 7056 N Clark Street. Interior and exterior alteration to existing 2 and 3 story brick building containing four existing commercial spaces (a shuttered post office, Bedz R Us, a check cashing place and another vacant commercial space) - no work to be done in four existing commercial spaces and 11 new residential units. Changing occupancy from existing church and SRO's to 11 residential units. (Private own and private funding. No accessibility standards required in the residential portion). As per plans. In an emergency contact: RDG-Fund/Residential Dynamics Group (773) 484-3278.

Hard to tell which buildings are included as there is a church in the building to the north and the building to the south is also being renovated.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rogers Park Real Estate Almost Afloat

Sunken, submerged, undersea home and condo prices are beginning to emerge from the murky depths of 2008's housing crash.  The Trib's actual paper article highlights the parts of the city (on a cartogram) whose real estate values are gained the most lost ground (to be posted later). There are still benefits to the good old fashioned newspaper. The 'net edition is missing this map.

In the city of Chicago, improvement was marked in ZIP codes that cover part of the Loop; near West 79th and Kedzie, and Rogers Park. The Loop's 60602 ZIP code saw the negative equity rate drop to 53.7 percent, from 64.5 percent.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chase Pulls Its ATM Out Of Jarvis "L" Stop

Courtesy of Google Maps  circa 2014
 Humanoid waits for teller machine to dispense bank notes

First Chase moved out of the Family Dollar mini mall one "L" stop south. Now they have vacated the Jarvis station. Why? Murmurs about them not wanting to sign some contract and something over money. Chase is becoming less and less convenient. Pedestrians really appreciate easy to walk to banking, checking and automated teller machines.

There is a Chase branch near the Loyola "L" stop and another near the Howard stop at Clark and Howard. For now Jarvis Square will be a plastic card society until someone else has the cajones to sign a contract with CTA to put in another ATM. Or is this the beginning of the end for hard currency? Are automated teller machines becoming superannuated?

Cash is king. Stores, waiters, auto mechanics, anyone can tell you they would much rather take cash over credit. A bone headed move on Chase's end to voluntarily remove a much appreciated and needed service from the community.