Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pratt "L" Viaduct : A Rich Source Of Pigeon Guano

The two owl decoys on the southside of Pratt Avenue viaduct haven't done much to scare off the pigeons at the Pratt Avenue "L" viaduct. Pigeon guano has accumulated in large piles on both sides of the street. The stop sign on Glenwood which hangs from the viaduct is covered in it.

According to some pigeon guano is great fertilizer. One account (regarding watermelons) in particular was a bit too fantastic but hilarious by one poster named foolishpleasure. calls bird guano "premium stuff" and goes on to relate that people in Europe and the Middle East kept dovecotes to house the birds just for this purpose. Currently the uncovered beams of the Pratt "L" viaduct are home to at least five to six pigeons. One poster named Santadercol claims to have 130 birds that produce literally a ton of guano a year. In the post the process of composting pigeon poop is outlined in detail.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

No Takers For This Jennie-O Tom Turkey

This Jennie-O turkey was for sale at one point at a local Jewel-Osco at 1.99 a pound. It weighs 24.73 lbs and sold for 49.21. Very few countries in the world where such a sight could or would ever be seen.

The internet shows quite clearly that America has a surplus of food. Pictures of food posted everywhere. And a ton of food is wasted here. Either dying on the vine or just not eaten or thrown out. This happens to be one of the more obnoxious examples. Why? The sell by date was December 4th. According to the Better Homes and Gardens frozen turkeys are best cooked within seven months but are still good for two to three years. Not sure how long it was sitting here or how long it had thawed out.

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Request Concert @ Side Project Theatre

This one woman, wordless play will run from January 22nd until Groundhog Day at The Side Project Theatre @ 1439 W Jarvis Ave. "Another Lonely Night. But This One Will Be Different."

F.X. Kroetz has been called by some the most famous living German playwright. The play consists of watching a lone woman go through her daily routines after work. A so called "monodrama". For the uninitiated or easily distracted it could easily be a crashing bore. At the end the woman kills herself. Kind of a downer to say the least. But the L.A. Times and N.Y. Times give this unusual play high marks.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Before Sol Cafe There Was.....

the Casa Bonita Theatre Lounge @ 1615 W Howard.

 Anxious to serve, cocktails and food at its best, continuous entertainment. "I like what you like"

This matchbook is for sale on E-bay at the buy it now price of 17.99.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Is Rogers Park Being Oppressed By A Police State?

According to ORP (Occupy Rogers Park) and the author of the Prison Culture blog Rogers Park is under the thumb of an abusive Police State. This police state has decided to watch over Howard Street. The scene of many a shooting and a few murders. Since this "terrible" and "tyrannical" occupation the shootings and violence have continued but have lessened.

A peace demonstration is an event that everyone can relate to. Even cooler to hold one on the shortest day of the year aka the Winter Solstice. The police have parked at Howard and Ashland day in and day out regardless of any planned demonstration. (Imagine the above picture for the past six months straight devoid of any demonstration with the same Cop SUV car parked at the same spot. If you really want to know what a police state is like read Flow My Tears The Policeman Said by Philip K. Dick) The cops have been watching that specific intersection ever since the daytime murder of Blake Lamb.

The following quote is from the Prison Culture blog.
As we stood vigil, there were at least three police cars keeping watch. The irony was not lost on any of us. We are trying to imagine peace in the shadow of the police state. It was a good reminder of the challenge that we face and stiffened our spines for the ongoing struggle against all forms of violence (structural & interpersonal)
Apparently the demonstrators see the police as an enemy. How is it ironic for a planned peaceful exhibition where violence is rampant to then find some of Chicago's finest safeguarding the area?

Occupy Rogers Park was pulled from Chevanston's Twitter Feed after they retweeted a picture entitled "All Cops Are Bastards". Couldn't find the exact tweet but they retweeted this lovely picture in July (seen below); "To Serve And Protect The Ruling Class" with the hashtag ACAB short for "All Cops Are Bastards".

The police weren't there on December 21st to oppress Occupy Rogers Park or the Overpass Light Brigade. They were just there doing their job. Protecting the ruling class, the lower class, the middle class and those with no class from "interpersonal" violence.

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Merry Christmas From Howard And Rogers And Greenview

Net neighbors shared intel last night on Facebook (East Rogers Park and NOH Facebook Group) regarding shots fired (apparently four of them) at Howard and Greenview last night on Christmas Eve. Eddy's Food Mart and its proprietor however had no knowledge of last nights events (Face to face discussions still trump internet discussions in importance. The local store owners should care and know what's up. Why haven't net neighbors talked to him about it? Well no one buys the local paper anymore for news is one reason.While the internet creates opportunity for new relationships and bonds it can also help  close off traditional routes. )

He (the storekeeper) laughed it off, maybe they are celebrating?, in these urban neighborhoods its just a way of life, its sad but true he said this morning. What is reported as a serious event on a neighborhood page is just another day in the hood to others.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Farcroft's New Facade

It is now obvious what work was recently completed at 1337 w Fargo. Behold the new copper work outside the Farcroft's penthouse. The scaffolding went up for the second time in the past year sometime in early October or late September. The first time scaffolding went up was documented here on Chevanston in 2012. recently explored the mysterious architect and origin of the Farcroft. What Jennifer Pritzker did for the neighborhood and the city by restoring this unique building was a public service. These kinds of old buildings are part of Chicago's heritage and are what set it apart from the crowd.

"Tawani had just finished restoring the Farcroft's copper mansard roof, which will become coated in a green patina, like the Statue of Liberty, within the next five years."

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Santa Heads Back To North Pole

Yesterday Santa figured it was high time he stopped touring Chicago spreading cheer and holiday spirit and get back to work. A little after 7 pm Central Standard Time last night he got on the two car Skokie Swift edition of the Holiday Train and left Rogers Park. Awaiting him at the end of the line at Dempster was his sleigh and twelve reindeer. Around 8 pm he and his elves took off into the night; making it back to the North Pole sometime before midnight.

CTA riders got one last chance to take pictures with the centuries old mystery man and to put in last minute requests. Everyone has a slightly different description and experience with Santa. No two people have ever seen the same Santa Claus who appears all over the world seemingly at the same time. Quite a mean feat to pull off all these years. Who is Santa Claus? We'll probably never know.

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Bah Humbug!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Obituary Calendars?

Life Storage on Paulina has a side business publishing and personalizing calenders, business cards, obituaries, t-shirts, flash drives, lanyards, pens, key chains, posters, flyers, trophies,diaper cakes.

The Sign Daddy (a la the Godfather with a hand and puppet strings) offers funeral packages with memorial t-shirts, calendars, bookmarkers, announcements, obituaries and calendars. Pictured in the advertisement are t-shirts with an old man's face and "R.I.P.". A calendar in the same vein is posted in the window featuring an old lady with "gone but not forgotten" inscribed beneath. A macabre way to show your grief. An even more macabre package to peddle.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Picture Day With Santa @ Howard "L" Stop

Even Santa has to wait for signal clearance. Most folks who wanted to were able to get their Polaroid photo taken with Santa this morning. Holiday train pins and candy canes were given out by the train crew. The train hung out for a good twenty minutes starting around 11:20 am then left to turn around in the train yard. And then Santa and his entourage took pictures for twenty more minutes. No bicycles were allowed on Santa's train when it left the station. Owing to the fact it was completely full.

12/22/13 4:30 pm - More photos are up.

12/13/13 10:18 am - Ok rest of the photos are up.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

South Boulevard "L" Stop

Starting in 2011 the CTA started hanging up vintage pictures at various stops. It began when a phone bank was removed from a station downtown. Something had to be done to mitigate the resulting blank wall. The above photograph (one of three on display on site at South BLVD) was taken soon after station opened in 1931.

This station was one of the stops the CTA considered shutting down in 2011.  Compared to most "L" stops in the city or Evanston the area is pretty dead (in large part this is due to the large cemetery nearby). This is slowly changing however. The new nearby green Walgreens opened a few months ago. Hoosier Mama and Dollop Coffee on Chicago Ave is brand new and just to the north of Walgreens (but closer to the Main Street stop).

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Lies Beyond This Trash Filled Corridor?

The revamp of the Morse "L" stop wasn't an improvement in every way. Take this brick lined dead end at the south end of the station.  This swirling collection of refuse has been slowly collecting over the past year.

All this garbage couldn't be picked up and thrown out by area neighbors even if they wanted to. The area is inaccessible; protected by a locked black iron fence. The top of the fence is lined with anti pigeon barbs.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How Many Fries Is This Good For?

Jarvis Grill has changed hands and addresses at least a couple of times. This business on Jarvis Avenue is much older than this writer realized. This is an old five cent token selling on E-bay is just under ten bucks for its opening bid. Bank tokens are more common and were redeemed when someone opened a checking account (for something like twenty five or fifty cents).

Three and a half stars on Yelp with consistent good reviews. The little restaurant is easily missed or looked over but can be a life saver when you are starving. Located right next to the little Luzzat Indian place. You can park in the mini mall parking lot at the corner when dining in. The Jarvis Grill used to be located at 1527 W Jarvis, currently its listed at 1517 w Jarvis. In the recent past it was known as Jarvis Grill and Wok.

Rogers Park Versus Hyde Park First Round

Rogers Park made it to the Curbed Cup finals in 2012 even though they were the 13th of 16 seeds. This year we are still underdogs with 11th seed. First round voting opened this morning with RP facing 6th seeded Hyde Park.

Rogers Park has Loyola, Hyde Park University of Chicago.  Both have beaches (Rogers Park wins in that category with the cities best and only street end beaches), both extremely liberal and hot beds of co-op activity. Rogers Park has better transportation connections with L (4) and Metra (1) stops, Hyde Park with three Metra stops.

At press time 64 votes cast and Rogers Park has only 31.3 percent of the vote.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pandora's Gate

For the past three days or so the gate to this yard adjacent to the Rogers Avenue "L" viaduct was open. Normally its chained and padlocked. The alderman's office was called yesterday regarding the situation and now the gate is locked shut. Looking at the snow no one was foolish enough to walk up to the "L" tracks.

This place has been a dumping ground for litter of all kinds for years. Louis Dubkin park to the south has received a lot of attention and improvements in the past few years (gardens and fencing). Maybe this "L" embankment will someday become a beautiful place too.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Have You Met The Vicious Virgin?

Tickie's @ Howard and Ashland

"Let us introduce you to a"Vicious Virgin". Tasty, delightful, twang of the south seas entertainment." reads the vintage matchbook of a Tiki bar (Bar-O-Music) long gone at the corner of Howard and Ashland.

Tickie's is a Belizean restaurant now located on Paulina North of Howard. But if one didn't know better one might think it was a defunct Tiki bar from the old days. Is the Oasis a former Tiki bar on Sheridan?

Last updated 12/17/13 1:30 pm

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Heartland Health Center Steel Skeleton

Ground broke in October on the new Heartland Health Center on Devon Avenue. It was previously the site of Weinstein Funeral Home. Click here to see how this corner looked this past March.

The alley behind is closed to traffic. Signs posted on the fence declare that job seekers should check on-line for any openings. Only two workers were there this bitter cold morning (10 degrees F). One of them was banging on the frozen steel checking to make sure it was sturdy.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa's Coming To Rogers Park On His Holiday Train

The following photos are from Santa's visit last night on the Blue Line (Western and Damen stops). He is scheduled to stop by Rogers Park and Evanston next week.

The times aren't posted yet but keep checking the CTA schedule here. Santa has a tough time coordinating all his activities and this year is no different.

Update 12/16/13 12:42 pm - Most of the times are up! Santa's secretary is still working on his schedule for Saturday.

Update 12/17/13 7:21 pm - CTA finally reached an agreement with Santa's minions at the North Pole! Saturday's times are now up. If you want your photo taken with Santa in Rogers Park he will be here at the Howard "L" stop from 11:20am-12:00pm this Saturday 12/21.
  • Red Line          12/17 - Tue 
  • Purple Line 12/18 - Wed
  • Red Line          12/19 - Thu
  • Purple Line 12/20 - Fri
  • photo day - Red Line & Purple Line 12/21 - Sat
  • Yellow Line 12/23 - Mon
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Shop Jarvis Square!

Today's the day. December 14th. And the weather perfectly matches the mood for a holiday market. It just started about an hour ago @ 10 am. The market runs until 5 pm (an extra hour was added this year). There was a sign for a pop up farmers market lying around too (Whole Foods Market at The Side Project Theatre).

Jarvis Square is located at Greenview and Jarvis (Chicago, Illinois) just east of the Jarvis red line "L" stop. You can take a breather after all the shopping is done at Towbar and partake in the La Fin Du Monde (triple fermented monk beer). For all the businesses participating click here.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Life Saving Station Part II

Remember the U.S. Life Saving Station in Rogers Park? Well this is the lake view.

This sharp, detailed real photo postcard  (on sale on E-bay for 24.99) looks north along the Lake Michigan shoreline at Rogers Park on the north side of Chicago, Illinois IL, about 1910. In the distance, people stand in groups at the newly built United States Life Saving Service USLSS Station that opened in 1907 at the eastern end of Touhy Avenue. They are watching Life Saving Service surfmen in a surfboat, very faintly visible just beyond the end of the breakwater at far right. The Rogers Park station was an adjunct to the Evanston, Illinois Life Saving Station. Postally used, postmarked 1911 at Chicago. Divided back, 3 3/8" x 5 3/8". C. R. Childs printed postcard back dates postcard to 1908-1910.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

To Rehash Or Not To Rehash?

map of Rogers Park - Evanston border

Retreading, reblogging, regurgitating et cetera makes for a boring Twitter search. Especially without a new angle, viewpoint or info. Yes it will get more hits for your site. But are you contributing anything new? You aren't. You are getting the word out on a particular story (which will happen anyways by all the dedicated retweeters out there and twitter 'bots). Some sites aren't even quoting the original source. Nothing new in news (TV). Now its just clogged with more pseudo news outlets.

In this case The Chicago Tribune got the scoop. They published at 6:03 pm that a cold case had just been solved. An Evanston man has just been captured after DNA evidence linked him to the 1988 murder of a Rogers Park woman. Pseudo news organizations got the word out via Twitter. West Loop News, Chicago City and Press, Chicago News.

Then the reblogs come. Evanston Now's and Evanston Review's (Evanston's Sun Times) stories are both a la Loyola News Dispatch; they write their own intro and then tell you to read the Chicago Tribune's piece. Then the Sun-Times wire through Fox News run their article at 6:57 pm.'s article follows closely at 7:15 pm. These last two have no reference to the Trib.

Why so much duplication on the net? Just have a section for scoops or retweets from other online sources. Perhaps a ludicrous suggestion (it will never happen). But all this manpower just to rewrite the same story over and over is a waste (even just for an intro).

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Happy Belated Birthday To Sol Cafe

It's been just over a year since Sol Cafe opened on Howard Street (12/10/12). And a year and few months since this blog Chevanston started.

Sol Cafe is decked out for the holidays (even the Sick Fisher painting was updated) with the RP tree. So what is the RP tree?

"The RP tree is a celebration of the Rogers Park neighborhood and all the cultures and beliefs represented here. Feel free to decorate it as you please."

Patrons are asked to contribute what they can to help homeless and families in need through H.O.W. ( Housing Opportunities for Women). Color coded wishlists and ribbons to choose from ... Red - home starter kits, Green - clothing, Blue - fun stuff, Pink - school supplies, White - office supplies.

Gifts will be distributed Sunday December 22nd from 4-6 pm.

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The Lady On The Third Floor Has Left The Building

Note posted by the management @ 7420 N Ashland Avenue on 12/10/13 (Tuesday). This is the building that has been plagued by five minute friends, crack pipe kit dropped at its corner, and has been rumoured to be in receivership.

Most move outs aren't posted so its quite possible that this one had something to do with recent shenanigans. A general notice of this sort written for the casual passerby is highly unusual. Looks like this source of drugs is gone. Probably to be replaced with another nearby. Or the slack will be taken up by another aspiring entrepreneur.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

From Dev Corp North To Vanilla Box To ?

The Dev Corp symbol has disappeared from 1557 W Howard Street. Was it Devcorp, Dev Corp or DevCorp? Formerly known as Rogers Park Business Alliance. Photos taken yesterday.

Renovations began in early October. At that time the entire western brick wall was parged. Too bad the wooden floor was covered with tile. The exposed metal slats (walls) and wooden beams (ceiling) were more attractive (and interesting) than the now plain white. But at least the property (and its owner) has aspirations of future non-vacancy.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taqueria Mi Guadalupe - December 2013

Sometime in the past few months Taqueria Mi Guadalupe suffered a large fire. The last review on their Yelp page was September 18th 2013. "For the insuranc (sic) calms (sic) this number for any cuestions (sic)" It reads on the plywood covering the front door.

Reading Yelp we see it replaced Taqueria Michoacan. Only six reviews on Yelp, three good and three bad.

This post office sticker rendition of The Virgin Mary (of which Our Lady Of Guadalupe is the name of Mary's picture at the same named Basilica in Mexico City) was posted to the electrical box of Lunt and Clark back in September before the fire.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Gang Hangout In Devon Alley?

A neighbor wrote

"Hi Phillip (sic),

I recently found your blog and was wondering how do you report gang graffiti to the police.  The attached picture popped up over the weekend at 1348 W Devon."

Here is a previous blog post discussing where you can send graffiti pics (Caps email). And here is a link to Chicago's 311 website, select "Graffiti Removal" and then its pretty self explanatory from there. This writer took the liberty of reporting the graffiti and submitting the above photo. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

The upside down pitchfork usually denotes Latin Kings dissing the Gangster Disciples (the right side up pitchfork). As an added bonus the upside down pitchfork is used in lieu of t in out. This type of graffiti is very important to wipe out immediately.

Snow Memorandum

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Door County Christmas Trees & Wreaths

In the past day or so Door County X-mas Trees and Wreaths set up shop next to the Fish Keg. Just in time for the first real snow fall in Chicago. The other Christmas tree lot was up and running last week on Western Avenue south of Lunt Avenue. Gethsemane is another popular place to get garlands, wreaths and trees in Edgewater to the south. Pictures taken earlier today.

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Frames Without Games

Sometime in the second half of 2013 a new frame shop popped up at 1436 W Jarvis. "Fair priced professional framing" is advertised under the moniker Frames Without Games. Situated in the same space is reTroActive Furniture Sales and Art. Want to check it out? Browsing is "by appointment only" by contacting

This commercial space was formerly home to an eclectic junk shop a few years ago. This under the radar shop is not participating in the ShopJarvisSquare event this coming December 14th. But it looks like a great place for those with discerning taste to get their artwork framed and perhaps pickup some art or furniture. This shop is located just to the east of Towbar.

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"Go Do Your Job"

the man from the warm A4 called out as this writer picked up the lawn of 7450 N Greenview this morning. At first he simply pointed at the sign on the building and said "call Seneca". Then someone emerged from the apartment building after the man in the Audi finished texting.

"Do you need help?" said the maintenance man. You mean help cleaning up your parkway? No. What is needed is for Seneca and the landlord (this was confirmed talking with the maintenance man) in the nice and toasty sports car to take care of their property. The place is looking great. So very strange to have such a bad attitude about picking up trash.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Tiffany Calender 2014

Here's a great gift idea or just a neat calendar to hang in your office or home. Anyone remember that our very own Charles Hosmer Morse established a museum (of the same name) down in Winter Park, Florida?

The museum is the largest collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany's (1848-1933) works in the world. Its compendium includes the chapel interior designed by Mr. Tiffany for the 1893 Columbian Exposition held here in Chicago.

Charles Morse was a member of the Rogers Park Building and Land Company. According to RPWR he owned land at 1902 w Lunt. That was before Mr. Morse came to senses and left to cofound Winter Park, Florida.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Everything Must Go!

This Friday (tomorrow) from 10 am to 3 pm there will be an estate sale of whats left at the Witches Hat (@ intersection of Paulina and Fargo). The good stuff was already carted off by Direct Auctioneers. But maybe they overlooked some hidden treasure or old wiccan spell books? Worth a look if you are in the neighborhood. You could also peek around this charming old house. Not much notice. The signs were posted sometime yesterday.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elevator Replacement?

Residents and commuters will be happy to know that management has finally solved the elevator issue at Gateway Mall and the Howard "L" stop. An elevator replacement has been found. The plan so far is coming off without a hitch. Stairs.

This elevator has been out of service since November 7th. The general public had already been directed to use the stairs. An interesting way to deal with this problem almost a month later. Announce a solution which is the obvious back up plan to elevator out.

Stairs are far more reliable, require less maintenance, and are much more intuitive. Anyone wheelchair bound will be SOL however. 7511 N Paulina appears to be the address of the elevator. Half of the address has rubbed off.

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Starbucks Is Closing!

And so is the Chase inside the Dominick's on Howard Street. The people living on the border of Chicago and Evanston will soon be living in a Starbucks food desert. Well it won't be that bad. There is the Starbucks 0.8 miles to the west at Howard and Western. Hardly walking distance. Then you have another location one mile or two "L" stops to the north on Main in Evanston. Finally to the south there is one near the Loyola "L" stop 1.2 miles away.

No one has picked up this Dominick's location yet. NBC reports that Mariano's is not likely to buy any more Dominick's. The buzz on the 'net recently has been that maybe a Food 4 Less will open here. Before that it was thought that maybe Devon Market or Morse Fresh Market would take over. The clock is ticking and in less than a month residents in the area will either have to rely on Paulina Certified or Rogers Park Fruit Market (Google Maps photo shows a narc car pat down in progress in front of Paulina Certified).

If you look carefully in the photo above you can see Metra zooming by. Maybe one day it will stop at Howard Street. That would really be a boon to the area in terms of residential and commercial development.

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Burger King Construction Begins On Clark Street

Who knew that Dominick's would bite the dust before the new BK on Clark street opened? Many many articles have been written about this new BK. Almost as many as the parking garage on Sheridan. Unseasonably warm this fine December day. Today's high was 54.

The last official news from was March earlier this year. That was when the BK won approval from the Aldermanic advisory board. It wasn't quite a unanimous decision. Jim Ginderske of Occupy Rogers Park was the sole member who voted nay.  He subsequently quit the board.

Occupy Rogers Park has been a champion of the fight for 15 (bucks an hour) movement. Currently workers at fast food establishments can barely make ends meet. Earlier this year one worker at McDonald's was famously referred to social services to get a LINK card for food by their worker hotline.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crack Pipe Kit @ Fargo & Ashland

This crack pipe kit was lying on the ground this morning at Fargo and Ashland along with a couple empty liquor bottles. A disturbing find that shouldn't go unreported or swept under the rug. Drug selling territory is one major reason why people are shooting and killing each other in Rogers Park.

This is not a political blog post. Just an observation that crack use is still high enough around here that people drop their crack smoking supplies every once in awhile. Would it be better to stick our heads in the sand or our fingers in our ears and sing happy songs to ourselves? Or should we discuss this sickness in our neighborhood?

Some people in the RP think its declasse (or inappropriate) to discuss the violence, gang banging or drugs in Rogers Park. But really its rather foolish to only focus on the positive. Because if you don't know whats really going on you could find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Only by discussing and exposing local problems can there be any hope for solutions.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Suncatcher @ Roman Susan Gallery

December 7th this coming Saturday at 7 pm Suncatcher premieres at Roman Susan Gallery @ 1224 w. Loyola avenue (steps from the Loyola L station). The show will run until December 31st.

Suncatcher is a selection of abstractions both natural and constructed. The installation includes video projections, sculpture, and the sun. The opening performance on December 7 will feature Marks’ tape-based sound pieces. Following the performance, video will be projected to the street periodically through the end of December.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Samantha Barbara! How Could You?

The least well known (and now most unpopular) member of the Rogers Park Neighborhood News group took it upon herself to post T and A on the community board. This mysterious woman grew up in London, Ontario currently residing in London, England. Not very original.

So why is this outlander poking her nose into the Rogers Park's business? Maybe Samantha is concerned that this community doesn't have access to the sexiest singles. Is this girl trying to get everyone hooked up in time for X-mas?

She really is a busy body. She is in one thousand nine hundred and thirty five Face Book groups. Which is a lot compared to the paltry number of photos (9) and likes (23) on her Face Book account.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks to Face Book groups. Any robot or half wit can post whatever they want and up it stays up (until some moderator finally takes it down).

Capacity 290

Hadn't noticed that most fall out shelter signs in Chicago also have a numbered capacity. Some signs have clear readable digits while others have faded with time. This sign states that this shelter could hold 290 people.

Dewitt Clinton is an old fashioned k through 8 school at Granville and California in West Ridge. So this fall out shelter currently wouldn't be able to house the number of students enrolled here today. Fall out signs in Chicago with capacity number still legible : 927, 1900, 735, 1515.

Conelrad Adjacent, a blog concerning the atomic age and cold war, has an informative post on fall out shelters. The Reader listed a few known fall out shelters in this article from 1994. ABC news covered the discovery of a cache of nuclear war survival supplies in downtown two years ago. Here is a power point presentation calling for the rebirth of the fall out shelter program. Rogers Park has at least one former fall out shelter on Sherwin Avenue.

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