Thursday, February 28, 2013

Send Graffiti Pics To For Removal

 Photo Credit - Net Neighbor From Everyblock

                  One use that neighbors had for Everyblock Rogers Park was to post pictures of graffiti. This is a picture of the brick wall on Seeley just south of Howard. Dee was right, this or many other pictures of graffiti very well could've been the "last" picture of Everyblock. It is random finding what has or hasn't survived the big shutdown. Now neighbors are asked to send pictures to the alderman's office. If memory serves this blogger right this was posted in November 2012. What follows is a tweet from our alderman, "JoeMoore49 If you see graffiti, take a photo and send to, then call Ald office to have it removed #CAPS24". It is especially important to have large pieces like this on bare brick removed immediately. This particular example of graffiti was removed within days after being posted.


Bill Morton said...

Very informative. I attended the CAPS meeting last night and posted the handouts. Vigilance and a watchful eye is the only way to hope for a Rogers Park as safe as it once was.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks for the update Bill.

Yes a watchful eye and to attack the quality of life issues like graffiti which lead to an environment where greater crimes flourish.