Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blizzard of 2011. Jarvis Ave Driving West Towards L.

          This picture is from a crappy flip top camera phone. Only photo I have from the blizzard. You can see V-tone in the distance on the left side and the Old Jarvis L station straight ahead. The car this was taken from is no longer in my possession but that 4x4 really came in handy in the aftermath of the blizzard. It was hard to get the SUV out of the drive way. But after some neighbors helped dig me out nothing could stop it. Actually made it to Brothers K coffee shop on Main street the morning of the blizzard. This picture is dated 2/3/11. They still hadn't cleared the snow from Jarvis. 

Continue reading for close up of picture.

Picture sharpened up, warmify with Picasa and a little HDR.

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