Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rat King Postal Service

               Rogers Park is definitely not a boring place. You never know what you will find in this neighborhood of ours. Like take this custom made Rat King Postal Service sticker found on the one way sign at Arthur and Glenwood. Not quite one of a kind, but definitely an uncommon way to mail packages. 

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                    This sticker was removed fairly easily and came off in one piece. It now sits safely indoors waiting to be framed. Finally a trophy sticker, one that is worth saving. There have been sightings of this same sticker in New York City with the same exact writing on it and date. November 6th. It is a little hard to read but it says "The Famous Letter Racer" on the right upper stamp. Here is another sighting of the same sticker.

One way sign back to original condition

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