Sunday, February 10, 2013

Loitering @ Estes & Glenwood

            Chevanston's photographer was taking photos of the L underpass because its an example of one that still has a working yellow light in the middle. There is also a shopping cart that is always locked at the stop sign at the northeast end. You can see a man standing there right now.

For more story and pictures please continue reading.

           While taking photos happened to notice two possible gangbangers standing by the convenience store there. The store there Kim's Corner Store has been a chronic spot for bangers to hangout at. After the photo was taken the man with red hat covered his face, maybe he's famous or just camera shy? But if someone chronically stands at a corner it would be weird to be upset if someone wants to take a picture of the scenery and the building and then to be upset that you are in the picture. Picture was taken @ 4pm today.

    Looks like a drug deal to this writer. Look at the person with the hoody talking to someone at the GMC truck, the other guy by the cart, maybe a lookout? Definitely a shady corner. And its been that way for a long time. Don't be surprised if shots are fired around here soon, it always follows drug deals and loitering.


Davey said...

Crime, drug dealing, loitering in this neighborhood gets obsessive attention. We complain the the alderman, the police, 311, 911, then complain on the Net when the problem continues.

I've never understood why people don't use the most effective deterrent of all: photography. As you note, the hangers around don't want their picture taken. Almost everybody has a digital camera. Many of them can be set up to send photos/video instantly to some distant website or computer.

If swarms of neighbors are out there (or inside) snapping away, the alleged perps will move on. If they confront anyone, their moves will be safely stored away in unreachable places, so any aggression will only up the ante for them. So why don't concerned residents make use of this DIY solution?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...
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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Totally agree Davey.
We should just take pictures of the loitering and post it, that's was this writer plans on doing.

The dealers don't want the attention and when it posted on the 'net its gets more attention from the cops and alderman and everyone.

Patrol Officer B. said...

Unfortunately for the anti-loitering aficionados, loitering is neither a Municipal Ordinance nor a Chapter 11 offense. It is in the same category as malicious sneering. You need to witness a violation in order to report a violation. Snap away all you want but unless you see a crime you can't report one. You can be accused of false charges. Be careful friends.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Well its good to know where its (loitering) taking place P.O.B. and if the will of the people is to not tolerate it then it wont be tolerated.

Well, what do the neighbors around Estes and Glenwood have to say about this?

mcl said...

There are enforceable "Anti-gang" & "Anti-drug" loitering Ordinances on the books.

mcl said...$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:chicago_il

Go to Title 8-4

Craig Gernhardt said...

Neighbors say nothing because they're cowardly afraid.

Stanley Katakowski said...

Y'all are gonna get shot yas fucking white pricks off. Be carefull goddammit.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ Stanley, doesnt matter anyways. You aren't safe with them there right? Do they have your back when their rivals come by?

Ok, Step One - intimidation occurs.

Oh I'm Afraid so I will let bad people hang out on my corner.

Step Two - Other bad people want to stand where those bad people are and gunfire erupts possibly hitting the neighbors who were intimidated.

Step Three - Phew, glad I gave into that intimidation because now I'm safer.

Gonzo Rockatansky said...

Leftist-elite-white-vigilantes gonna get their asses shot off cause they don't like underprivileged-struggling black dudes hangin round no corners lookin for work. White Bros calls it loitering. When they do it they calls it socializing. Yeah, right. Stick to painting fire plugs and washing down graffiti. That's safer.