Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sheridan & Farwell Renovations.

             Beautiful jumbo four flat that was for sale during the boom years but never sold. This was confirmed by looking at Zillow. It was put on the market for 1.15 million 7/11/07 and removed from the market that October. It was memorable because it had a giant sign on its front lawn that was held up by a sizeable wooden tripod. Its now getting some much needed rehabilitation. Scaffolding was erected just south of the building a few weeks ago. This building has been neglected for many years. The mannequin has moved out but she left her mattress behind, the door is still oddly locked from the outside. There is old graffiti from 2004 on the side of the building abutting the four plus one. There is one window on the Sheridan side at the top that appears to be open to the elements and half boarded up. The back porch isn't in the best shape either.

More pictures after the jumpbreak.

Window at top in sad shape.

graffiti on four plus one side of building has been
there since 2004 and old papers inside window.
Mannequin's old mattress.
Van is parked on the sidewalk (picky, picky).

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