Sunday, February 17, 2013

Breaking News! Gerald Farinas' Father Is Out Of The Hospital!

Screenshot Twitter Feed 7 pm 2/17/13

                     Local celebrity Gerald Farinas announced that his father has left the hospital today. He has been keeping Rogers Park updated throughout the weekend concerning his condition. We are very glad that he is doing well. is the local news leader concerning all things Gerald Farinas. Gerald also took a picture of the hot wings he ate at a local restaurant in Evanston proclaiming "that s*@# is spicy!" Gerald also kept Rogers Park informed as to what he was watching on television (Kesha on NBA Allstars). What will happen next in Gerald Farina's life? Well stay tuned to the Twitter Feed at Rogers Park to find out.

                      Its about time picked up Gerald's tweets, which are as important if not more than official announcements from the alderman's office and local congressman's office. The advent of Twitter has filled the void of a world devoid of all things Gerald Farinas. He may even post where he eats dinner next, perhaps giving people a chance to catch a sight of our most famous citizen.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Did you know Gerald attempted to run for 46th ward Alderman in 2011 before he found out he was going to get beaten by Molly, James, Don, Befekadu, Michael, Andy, Emily, Diane, Marc, Caitin and Scott?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Nope didn't know that Craig.

I'm just shocked what passes for news nowadays. This is hyper-local news for sure. So called Life Casting.

Can't believe that B. Woodard writes for an outfit that thinks carrying someone's tweets regarding extremely private information is appropriate.

I guess the world is one giant Truman Show now.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Also why aren't original sources allowed to tweet their material?

"Chicago Tribune ‏@chicagotribune
Cubs, WGN-TV may split after 2014

"Gerald Farinas ‏@GeraldFarinas
#Cubs, #WGN may split after 2014 season: . #Chicago #television #Boystown #Wrigleyville #gaychicago"

Any reason why has to carry Gerald's retweet of the original article from the Tribune which the Tribune is already tweeting?

Pretty dumb.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Gerald Farinas is the middle man of the Tweeting World for Rogers Park.

Gonzo Rockatansky said...

Bro what is this flaming hardon you two blog-buddies all of a sudden got for Farinas and Woodard? Is it because they are professionals and you guys aren't? Ginderske was ten times the publisher as you guys (remember The Urban Coaster?) and he crashed and burned. Hyper-local news isn't about guys pissing in the alley behind The Mayne or piles of bricks on the street or Ayatollah Rogers' rules of tweeting etiquette. What's goin' on here Bro?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ Gonzo true, pissing in alleys isnt big news.

No problem with Woodard, he does a good job. Its just carries extremely personal information with Gerald Farinas' stuff.

Now thats hyper local Gonzo, Gerald Farinas' family member in the hosptial? Bleeding or not bleeding? What is Farinas eating? Thats not hyperlocal news either, that just inappropriate.

And that kind of information being tweeted on a major news site SHOULDNT go unquestioned. Disturbing behavior.

Hey If you think me and Craig are jealous or just mad, atleast speaking for me I would say no. Give me a break with the Farinas guy, he tweets anything and everything in his brain. Including when and where he is going on vacation. He isnt a Kardashian is he?

And this is someone who is a media strategist, he wants the attention, but WHY?

I remember the Urban Coaster, didnt know it was Ginderske, will check it out again

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Actually I take that back, peeing in alleys is news because its a quality of life issue.

Sometimes its okay if one certain group does but not another and THAT is Craig's point.

So yes that is hyperlocal news AND way more relevant than what Gerald had for dinner or families issues which are being broadcast on a FAR greater stage.

Craig Gernhardt said...

BREAKING: Gerald checked in on 4-square at the Howard 'L', then tweeted it.

Stanley Katakowski said...

BREAKING: Craig bitched and moaned about something.