Wednesday, February 6, 2013

View From Farcroft Looking West Down Fargo.

                   This is from the twelfth floor looking west. Chevanston took as many photos as was possible. Whenever you get an opportunity like this you always wish you had been more prepared. You can see the Jarvis station is pretty close. Absolutely beautiful. They have studios up this high for about 800 bucks. Didn't write down pricing but it ranges from 800 on up to 1250 for one and two bedrooms. A steal.

More pics after the jumpbreak.

View looking north east from twelfth floor. 

Secret door in the back, original flooring has been restored. Crown molding is ridiculously ornate.

Farcroft has a new door!
Hey how are you doing?


Stanley Katakowski said...

God dangit you're really spinnin' circles around that Hellhole blog. Good stories and dang good reporting. Nice work. Really neat to see the inside of the Farcroft.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks Stanley. You are a hard man to please.