Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Morsel Opens Tonight.

                 The space goes all the way from the front to connect back to the Glenwood Bar and backroom. A long red couch adorns the main room, perhaps Leather? Very Spacious and one can see through one end on Glenwood side and over to Morse and vice versa. Alot of people were totally shocked to see it open. Cant wait to give a try. Its another reason to take the El down south from Evanston or on up from Lakeview or Edgewater for a change of pace. 1406 w Morse just West of the Morse EL stop as if the name itself didnt give you a clue.Its a Bistro so steak is probably on the menu. Anybody eat there yet? Whats on the menu? Redeye article. Read below to see all the photos.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Parking until 2014!!!!

This stretch of Glenwood WONT see traffic for TWO YEARS This is one of the last lonely days of this silly little stretch of road. A NEW BLOGGER is going to document the building of the substation, GREAT
IDEA Ms. Demeanor!

Happy Halloween from South Evanston


               Amazing to see how many holidays are celebrated in these windows. What a cheery happy place to have in the neighborhood. Happy Halloween from South Evanston! The best local area to hit up for trick or treating is the area west of Ridge and north of Pratt and East of Western and South of Touhy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Applejack Demands Buddha Head Coverage

Buddha Head @ Farwell Pier Prairie

      Other Buddha heads are emerging in Rogers Park. One by Heartland Cafe, another at Morse and Glenwood and one by Loyola University at Sheridan and Albion. Many yet to be placed. Does any know of any other Buddha heads in Rogers Park or nearby? Photo was submitted to the blog by Applejack. For more information on this project check out the Ten Thousand Ripples Website.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Latin Kings Keep Tagging Rogers by Clark. 7416 N Rogers.


                  We should never tolerate this. As Applejack used to say on the EveryBlock "Gangs Aint Gonna Win". The fight to keep Chicago graffiti free AND gang free continues into the fall and winter months.  They have been pretty persistent at tagging the Courtyard building across the street and they have tagged Runge's DoorThis is unacceptable. We live in the city, a community, a neighborhood not gang turf.

Red Violin Wine & Spirits Is Open





             Red Violin Opened this Past Friday.  Today is Sunday the day these photos were taken. Decent Beer Selection in the back. Has full range of liquor options for everyone.Will be interesting to see how this place operates as there is no parking. Neighbors are worried that perhaps people will try parking at Walgreens. Classy place. Its simple and its quite clear from the signage that no loitering will be tolerated and their windows are clutter free.

Bus Depot + Free Newspapers = Vortex of Litter

              The elements of the Howard/Gateway Bus Depot create a perfect storm for a sustained assault of litter and newspaper debris. Wind tunnel of newspaper litter and all the other wonderful trash that passerbys see fit to add make their way down Paulina to Rogers. What if the yard posted was your yard? This demands a special SSA brigade.  Does Public Transportation and Buses in general and where they live have to go hand in hand with massive amounts of trash.

Armilla's Grand Opening October 27th

Soft opening of Armilla. Nothing was for sale just for browsing and to peak peoples interest. Very eclectic shop. The refurbished front grill of a deceased car with lights in there as headlights was prominently displayed. Chicago Social Magazine is here for the taking, The mantra behind the mission here is to salvage and reuse and save whenever possible so that someone else may enjoy the item later. The owner recounted to me his tale of a marble statue and stand he rescued from a building that was going to be demolished as teenager and how that has changed his life.

Trader Joe's in South Evanston. Spring 2013


                   Trader Joe's is moving into the old Blockbuster Space (after its demolished and the new building finished) on Chicago Ave. Slated to open spring 2013 at 1211 Chicago Ave. Evanston is of course excited about the expected half million dollars in taxes per year. This store is south of Greenwood and therefore is in South Evanston. Reading the articles you can see that Evanston paid two million so that TJ could have a parking lot. And the alley situation was remedied so as not to overburden neighbors with delivery traffic.

Blogger's Note - Sakrete Advertising unearthed at Trader Joe's site after demolition

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Magic Spot (Paulina and Rogers and Fargo)

                  The name of the parking spot that is at the end of the block was spoken aloud by the nice man who parked there. The Magic Spot. Just another hydrant restoration. This is a huge transfer point. Buses, cars and trains whiz by. People on the go. CTA employees coming and going from work. This is a typical standard red flanged hydrant. The yellow curb was painted to either side to the standard 15 feet. This is the first hydrant painted with Fire Safety Red Rusteolum out of a can. Nice fall day, the only down side is that the leaves blow around and stick to the paint but the elements will take care of that. Traffic cones were left with the warning "Wet Paint!".

Howard/Rogers/Greenview Intersection Update.

THIS is the MOST exciting part of the Howard Streetscape. I took this photos, earlier this week
when it was unseasonable warm. It will be awesome to see this new Intersection take shape.

CTA Safety Reminder (Lets be careful out there)

 No-nonsense reminder at the SOON to be closed Jarvis.
Are these in order of importance?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Armilla opening Tomorrow October 27th

Per John Beat Facilitator on NBC's Community Message Board for Rogers Park
(Please note all references to Everyblock will henceforth be referenced to
as NBC News Community Message Board)

"by John12 year resident - RPPL - Beat Facilitator 2431
Good morning everyone! I spoke with Ron and Susan, owners of Armilla on Glenwood the other evening. They are opening this Saturday, November (sic) (recte October) 27th. They have taken down some of the paper that was covering theire (sic) windows, and it looks like they have some really nice items in the window! Stop by and say Hi and welcome them to the neighborhood! Looks like it is going to be a great addition to the shopping in the neighborhood!!"

Update - what the heck does Armilla specialize in or sell?

Answer - Vintage and Reclaimed treasures, Small furnishings, Lighting, Art glass, Pottery, Finds, Classics, Curiosities, Repurposed wares and Eclectic Furniture
Armilla - An armilla (plural armillae) was a gold[citation needed] armband awarded as a military decoration to soldiers of ancient Rome
AND An armillary sphere (variations are known as spherical astrolabe, armilla, or armil) is a model of objects in the sky (in the celestial sphere), consisting of a spherical framework of rings, centred on Earth, that represent lines of celestial longitude and latitude and other astronomically important features such as the ecliptic. As such, it differs from a celestial globe, which is a smooth sphere whose principal purpose is to map the constellations. (from wikipedia)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

All Hilarious Comments Will Be Censored On Everyblock.

It seems that an interesting fringe group has been brought up on ultra-liberal Rogers Park Everyblock (Note it is impossible to link to this discussion as it has been censored)

"Fruitarianism involves the practice of following a diet that includes fruits, nuts and seeds, without animal products, vegetables and grains.[1] Fruitarianism is a subset of dietary veganism."

From Yesterday
 Inactive user
Though one must question why a fruitarian lives anywhere but the tropics. Fruits that don't grow naturally in our climate have to be shipped here during the rest of the year. They will be shipped in cardboard boxes. These boxes are made not from trees that have died a peaceful natural death, but from trees killed and shredded, their woody corpses cruelly processed and glued and stapled. (Boxes made from recycled materials just repeat this dreadful process.) And of course the shipping will involve fossil fuels, which are from long-dead animals and plants who did not consent to be pumped out of the ground, refined, and burned to power internal combustion engines. So hard to be consistent.
This comment received SEVEN thanks and ofcourse two of those are from inactive users!!

And from yesterday from the same inactive user.

 Inactive user
I only buy produce from a non-violent farmer. He and his wife let the plants die a natural death before they harvest the fruits and vegetables. That way they don't cut the living produce off of the plant. That is a form of botanical murder. It costs more but it is a non-violent way of farming. We never cook our food because that burns fossil fuel and destroys the planet. A raw vegan diet is much better. Even our cats are vegans.
UPDATE ----- Bill Savage has just quit Everyblock and announced it on Broken Heart RP.

"I recently quit EB due to the banning and bullshit. If we cannot have a conversation among adults--which would include insults, vitriol, and anger as well as warm fuzzies, hugs and kisses, well, fuck it. I can go hang out with the Waldorf school mothers if I want nothing but nice. Bill Savage"

Happy Fall 2012 Rogers Park.

         Fall has Fallen. And its a beautiful day. Hope everyone has a safe happy day. This photo was taken within the environs of Jargowood.

Where Is This Door Located?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mr. Broken Heart Bashes Pottawatomie Park.

           Craig mentions that he is glad he doesn't live by Pott Park in the recent Yo Chicago Article talking about Everyblock Censorship.  If Craig had moved to the area by Pott Park it would be a much different place, it would've been the focus of his blog for one thing.

Generic Stock Photo Of Down & Out Park.

Craig's comments on Pott. Park.
"Years later that park I wanted my dogs to enjoy is now an offical (sic) city dog park over in the corner, by the railroad tracks. ........ I would’ve been stuck in P-Stone gangster land – and had a tax-payer funded dog park, no one, including me, wants to go to."

New CTA Substation @ Farwell & Glenwood Eastside.

          This substation is going up on the south side of Farwell just east of the EL tracks. Here are the links here and here for the other views. Right now this is where neighbors complain about mattresses or large items of garbage being discarded. Well it wont be a problem any longer and it will help may the EL go faster. A win win. "The CTA will demolish the retaining wall east of the track between Pratt and Farwell and build the substation and new wall. The new substation will rise about 35 feet as measured from the street, Alderman Moore reports. "

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reference to Chevanston from 2007


            "In the Volvo, tear-assing down the Coast of Chevanston (Chicago/Evanston)."

         This photo is from a blog called Hilarity Ensues. There is comic book art from Wonder Woman Comics, inactive of late, last post was  Feb 2012. Chevanston is a portmanteau already in existence, likely even before 2007. Many words we use nowadays are portmanteau like smog, which is a combination of the words smoke and fog. The origin of the word portmanteau itself is a combination of two words in French, porter is carry and manteau is a cloak and in English means a suitcase. Lewis Carrol had Humpty Dumpty explain this word to Alice in his book. One example of a word he came up with that we still use today is chortle, chuckle plus snort. Another common one is motel = motor + hotel.

Mayne Annex Construction Update 10/23/12

Looking good!  Exoskeleton looms prominently over Morse ave. New retail will be on the ground floor
and will be outfitted with a kitchen, so most likely will be restaurant space. 

Most Improved Business on Morse? Cameo Cleaners.

          Give Credit where Credit is due. This by far the most improved business on Morse. The new proprietor vaccuums the outside of his shop, smiles and says hi to neighbors (unlike the previous business owner).The old clothes are gone, the shop is clean. Most improved business on Morse and Rogers Park this year. The steel shutters are silver  instead of the previously ominous black.

Everyblock On LockDown.

                 John V. 6 Year RP Resident - Condo President

          "John V is still here for now. But I will be leaving soon. I don't post too often and I leave my discussion topics to community events. I thank people, and I get thanked a lot. That's about it. I enjoy having the ability to view and share experiences and I've had a long experience here doing so. Others are more colorful, humorous, and satyrical in their posts - and most are more frequent. Sometimes they make me laugh. Sometimes they make me cringe.But each and every time I'm glad we're talking. I thank EB for that bridge that brought all of us together. It was instrumental in helping many of us eclectic and downright crazy Rogers Parkers to meet in person finally. As EB has seemingly become a police state of censorship - its benefits have been outweighed by its detriments. Time for a new services and for someone to swallow this site."

Monday, October 22, 2012

Inactive User: EveryBlock Rogers Park Censorship

            From anonymous sources we have heard that many many people are getting booted off of Everyblock. It looks like Everyblock is a great place to BEGIN community discussion and meet and discuss things with people and THEN when conflict inevitably happens, well off you go. Banishment on Everyblock is reaching epidemic proportions and WE as a community need a new site or heck everyone will just start their own blog.Craig and JeffO are banished and from looking at the recent posts it will be obvious who else has been banned. RogersParker who has her own blog has been banned as well recently. Many Many Many others undeserved of exile permanent or otherwise has suffered the same fate.

             Please comment here if you like many others have suffered from Everyblock Banishment syndrome. This is the last icon used by my last alter ego Philip McGregor Rogers (resident since 1835) on EveryBlock,  Alas the wee lad was killed in the cradle, he was going to talk in old irish and bring a bit of cheer to the site. But that was never allowed and the restoration of this hydrant could not be posted. Yes pretty controversial stuff. If the founding father of Rogers Park cant hack it on Everyblock who the hell can?


           Everyblock doesn't own our community or what we have to say about it. In fact I'm glad I got banned. It gave me a chance to finally start a blog. Something I have been thinking about for a long time. Everyblock is turning into one of the dullest sites ever. Now its just silly Flash Mob crap that as Fred Arminsen would say "ITS OVER" or parking restrictions or raking leaves into the gutter. It was fun while it lasted and I predict alot of us previous Everyblockers will land on our feet. We were doing just fine before the advent of Everyblock and we will do just fine without it too. Peace out.

6pm CST - Yes these sources were confirmed by reading the Morse Hell Hole
In the comments section Applesauce (aka AppleJack) and Helen have been unceremoniously banned from Everyblock.

How Is Your Building's Cable Box Looking?


           Its an all too common complaint. Large condo or apartment buildings with cable boxes and hardware that are installed in bizarre ways and not maintained well. Is this a good way to make sure your customers get uninterrupted internet and cable tv? Not mention that this is not easy on the eye. This example is in the alley behind the last stretch of Fargo before it hits Paulina.

Recent Commercial Improvements at 609 w Howard AND 1917-1927 w Howard

 At 609 w Howard in Evanston is getting MUCH needed repair and tuckpointing it looks like and there is a new business there ELITE CLEANERS in the middle and the other two are vacant. Urban Gear and Urban Hair Studio and MBC Jeans used to be there.

Across the street in Chicago at 1917-27 w Howard this previously drab building is looking smarter with some nice Vanilla Box Commercial Spaces for Rent. IMHO Howard is looking alot better of late and ALOT is going on right now.

Ward Eight @ 629 W Howard

               FaceBook Page  for Ward Eight. Currently it impossible to have a drink on Howard unless you are twenty years old. Tally-Ho and another bar near Howard and Western which used to be called Everybody's Place to Drink currently let in only people thirty or over. It goes with out saying that those under thirty will rejoice that there is finally a bar on Howard that doesn't discriminate against vicenarians.