Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sakrete Advertising @ Future Trader Joe's Site.

          Sakrete Concrete sign unearthed after recent demolition making way for the new Trader Joe's. Sakrete was founded in 1936 which makes ready made concrete mixture for homeowners and independent contractors. Previously they would've had to mix the raw material (sand, gravel, cement ) themselves or buy small amounts mixed up from cement mixing businesses like business founder Art Avril's. The business boomed, and within ten years it went from local (Ohio) to regional and the first plant here in Illinois was in Franklin in 1948 and soon after national. Like alot of names or words (like Chevanston) its a portmanteau, a combination of sack and concrete, Sakrete. The demolition of the old Blockbuster space began earlier this month.

             Wrecking balls, bulldozer scoops, and semi trailer taking a well deserved break on the left. And the giant crane is inactive at the moment but awaits the call to finish the job.

Update 12/26/12 - Reading the 8th Ward Evanston Forum  a neighbor writes " it was "Cawley's Tru (sic)-Value". The family still runs "Harolds Tru(sic)-Value" on Central St." So this demolition revealed that there used to be a True Value Hardware store on Chicago Ave, run by the same family that runs the True Value on Central in Evanston.


Dane TidwellGoodyPants said...

Congrats. This is good work. Keep it up. Stay away from the negative stuff at Hellhole. This is the kind of thing that readers go for. I wonder how many painted wall advertising signs are hidden and preserved around the area. Almost like finding King Tut's tomb. Nice work. BTW the Victorian etymology was first popularized by Lewis Carroll, that slithy author.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

There is alot DTGP. There was one I shouldve taken a picture of (though im sure someone did) of a bizarre ad for dog food next to where the aldi's went up on california south of devon.

Thanks DTGP. "We" try not to be "too" negative here at Chevanston Inc.