Sunday, December 16, 2012

Welcome To Rogers Park, Hope You Survive The Experience.


               These photographs were taken at 3pm 12/16/12 today. Walking past this building for some reason brings to mind the first appearance of Rogue in Uncanny X-men (number 171) and its cover tagline.This however is no laughing matter. There is a preschool (Little People Day Care and Kindergarten Learning Center) next door to 7416 N Rogers (address of gang tagged building) and just north of that is the James Sneider Senior Apartments. The young and the old have worry to about the Latin Kings on Rogers Ave. A perfectly shameful state of affairs. This was first brought to the forefront back in October and it was called into 311 and a service request number was recorded. Halloween has passed us by and so has Thanksgiving. Hopefully we can get this  graffiti cleaned up by Christmas or next year! Chevanston will call it into 311 again and into the Alderman's office. We just want people to be able to walk down the street without the spectre of gang violence hanging over our heads, is that too much to ask for?

Update 12/17/12 10 am- It would help if the address was right, somehow it was put as 7416 N Clark in the title on the old post. But it is 7416 N Rogers. Pretty sure it was called in correctly though. SRN is 12-02008371, was just called into 311.

12/17/12 1:20 pm - This was just called into the Alderman's Office.
This gang graffiti was first reported October 28th 2012.

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