Friday, December 28, 2012

Best Blog Photo Series 2012.

Close Up Of  Thillens Field.
        This is the best photo series for a Rogers Park (or related) blog for 2012. Yes this subject isn't in Rogers Park, but in West Ridge. We pass by this beautiful landmark everyday, many of us have never been inside. If you are feeling cooped up, stretch your virtual legs and take a virtual tour through our very own field of dreams.. 
       Word 49 is a great companion site to the well known Rogers Park in 1,000 words. Word 49 focuses on the Rogers Park, Edgewater and West Ridge neighborhoods.Photography by Autumn Davids on June 23 2012. Thillens is located  at 6404 N. Kedzie Avenue Chicago IL 60645. Recently the Cubs invested 2 million dollars into Thillens Field sometime around 2005/2006 and reopened the park. This ball field has been here since 1938 and the giant ball with the Thillens name on it used to spin. It was built by the  Thillens family who has a check cashing business, and was built for six million

"Thillens is at the northwest corner of Devon and Kedzie on land owned by the Water Reclamation District and annexed by Lincolnwood, Illinois" This is suspect information from the Wikipedia website. Is someone trying to change the border of the City of Chicago?

Wikimapia - shows that it is in Lincolnwood. This is an official request form if you want to play ball at Thillens and it says the Chicago Park District. Yo Chicago says its in West Ridge. Thillens the business that founded the ball field says it donated the stadium to Chicago in 2005. Looks like Wikipedia is wrong on this one, wouldn't be the first time.

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