Monday, December 24, 2012


            Most of writing is rewriting and editing. Same goes for writing blog posts. Without going into too much detail, this site is being overhauled so that links are unobtrusive, style is not too "vitriolic", content is not "overborrowed", extra words are simply cut out and credit being given where it is due. Not every picture needs to be gigantic and it does take time to actually not suck  at using this format. There is a reason why most blogs die a quick death, they are a ton of work. We still need an alternative to the Village Message Board as any neighborhood worth its salt does. Chevanston strives to fill that void. 


Dane TidwellGoodyPants said...

Some editorial advice from someone who is a pro. (Ask Craig.) Post fewer but more original articles. Reblogging another blogger's blog material isn't news or commentary. Reposting pre-posted news isn't interesting either. At least you don't waste time posting "breaking news" of an elderly woman's dead body being pulled from the lake (yawn) or photos of a dog leashed to a fence outside a coffee shop (triple yawn).

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Reblogging on its own is overkill. But shining a light on over looked items and being a "central" clearing house ala Uptown Update is something that is lacking in Rogers Park. And IMHO something it needs. Like a public service. If anyone else wants to do it, please jump in and "I" won't have to try.

Some news items do need to be posted and others likely not. Yes there has to be a balance between too much content and too little.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

"Reblogging" is needed sometimes to showcase someones work and alot of other blogs arent very active and wont get attention. Yes posting a blog post from someone's site everyone once in awhile isn't overkill.

Im also working to make up for lost time. 2013 will see less posts per day on average, as there is only so much important material to convey.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Also yes Craig's post was "dull" about an old lady washing ashore from Lake Michigan. Yeah thats how jaded we have become. Oh "Yawn" another human body floats from Lake Michigan onto Rogers Park Beach. SSDD, whatever. Atleast there is somewhere to discuss it underneath and the reason its "boring" is because no details at all were released.

Our society has become quite decadent.