Thursday, December 13, 2012

Joe Moore Chastises The Villagers For Idle Speculation About The Old Ho.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, have any of you called my office? I know a number of neighbors have communicated with my staff assistant, Mike Land about this property and he's given them up-to-date information. Rather than spend days speculating about stuff on EveryBlock, why not just drop us a line at or 773-338-5796?

This property has been on my radar screen for years. I've tried to get many a developer interested in this site, but due to a combination of the odd configuration of the lot and the inability of the owner to accept a reasonable offer, we've not been able to get this property in good hands.

The owner of the property has not been returning my calls since last spring. He is four years behind in paying his property taxes and the property went to a tax sale, but unfortunately the purchaser of the taxes backed out and vacated the sale.

The City does not have the power to seize and demolish a property unless that property has been abandoned, meaning it has no owner of record, or it is in a structurally dangerous condition. Here we are dealing with multiple buildings and up until recently, the City inspectors did not believe they qualified as a hazardous buildings. However, that may have changed as of late, and we have asked the city to take another look at whether any or all of the buildings qualify for demolition court.

You are still welcome to stop by and see me at the Jarvis station tomorrow morning. I'll have plenty of hot coffee on hand.

                                            (Signed Joe Moore)


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Btw good response from the Alderman. Everyblock has scared away or banned most of the interesting people. Now the people there are mainly mildly snarky and smarmy and it people who don't call the alderman's office and then report back what happened, just post stuff and complain about it. And that's not the way to get things done, the way to get things done is talk to the Alderman and then post what the heck happened after you talked to them.

Thanks for the info Joe.

Davey said...

4 years of unpaid taxes isn't enough to seize a building? Having it stand empty and deteriorating for years isn't enough to do something real about it? So after waiting around for years Moore resorts to blaming the neighborhood residents? I called about this several times and just got an obviously indifferent and near-hostile reply from the rude guy that usually answers the phone.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

It is good to get this out in the open that's for sure. IMHO its good for someone to report on what has been found on the background on who owns it, which was Craig did with the Block Building.

Its good for people to complain, but its also good for them to gather up dirt on the owner of this crud bucket of a building to have a relationship with the building dude at Ward 49.

I know that I called up all the owners of buildings around me when there were issues and personally did everything in my power to make them safe and make them accountable. Yes the squeaky wheel gets the grease but it shouldn't just be complaining.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Mr. Rogers has reported the buildings, good job.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Are you sure you've never done this blogging thing before? Because you're getting pretty damn good at it.

As for Joe, good on him for blasting the village idiots on Everyblock. Maybe he's learned a thing or two over the years after taking so much heat on the internet from me.

As for the village dummy board called Everyblock. I see they've about given up on all their rules and regulations they use to ban me for. I guess it's because they'd lose their entire readership otherwise. Two faced moderators.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I learned from the best ;)
(broken heart) and uptown update
and other neighborhood blogs.
High Praise, thanks.

Dangerously unstable individual said...

Whenever I see the guy in person, I always think he might be one of the board members for Omni Consumer Products and is struggling with Robocop being after him again.

Went to a few follow Friday events, but his Jedi mind tricks don't work on me, just want the free food.