Friday, December 7, 2012

A Street Divides Them (Ch/evanston). "Chicago side of the street"

An Evanstonian wants something done about this news-stand "thing" on the Chicago side of the street. Maybe this could be discussed between Chicagoans and Evanstonians?
       Interesting site, that 8th Ward Evanston forum site. This photo was found there. A forum with one super long thread with Evanstonians from the 8th Ward (north side of Howard) talking among themselves with the Alderman as the moderator. Its great that neighbors can talk about issues there, but odd to have such a divide between Chicago and Evanston. The people from both sides of the street aren't talking to each other. Here we have an example an Evanstonian complaining about something on the Chicago side of the street, but not trying to engage in conversation with the Chicagoans on the other side. No mention of this on the village message board here in our village of Rogers Park.

                Two villages and one community, not two villages with their backs turned toward each other. One of the few remaining news-stands in Chicago is not a "thing". It could be spruced and put into use instead of demolishing it. Its actually a very quaint reminder of our past. The other news-stands that comes to mind are at 31st and Halsted in Bridgeport and the one on Northwest Highway in Edison Park. This particular news-stand has been sitting unused for sometime.

Edit    2/11/13 -  Apparently this is a hazard to pedestrians which is not a good thing. The above photo is merely an edited version of a Google maps image. This article when written was meant to provoke a discussion and not to promote hostility. Hard to tell tone on the internet. 


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Anne Rainey comments on the 8th ward site "Recently contacted joe (sic) Moore and he is working on this."

She is the alderman of the 8th ward of Evanston.

Why is this not being discussed on a site that Evanstonians and Chicagoans frequent? Is this a secret?

Loyola Playmate said...

Where is this "thing" located? I love Starbucks but don't recognize the corner. P.S. I love your blog, just found it.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@"Loyola Playmate"

This is located at Howard and Western. Not in Rogers Park proper but located in Chevanston for sure and its in West Ridge. Looks like the locals in Evanston feel its dangerous due to visibility concerns. More pictures will follow since it looks like this news-stand is a goner.