Saturday, December 29, 2012

Uptown Lounge - Rogers Park Area Bar?

Great Martini Specials at Rogers Park Area Late Night Bar – Angela D.

Lincoln Parker Declares This To Be Rogers Park Area Bar.
Exclusive Photo Copyright Chevanston 12/31/12

Sat., Dec. 29, 12:17 a.m.

“One night during the week, my girlfriends and I always go to Uptown Lounge for their martini specials and have a good time! It’s a cute little bar with a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Their staff is always friendly and welcoming, which is why we like going there so much.
- Angela D. of Lincoln Park

Bloggers Note - This is copied verbatim from  Metromix, kind of a major site. This was found searching "Rogers Park" in the Google news section. Are people this ignorant? She is from Lincoln Park so everything up north tends to get lumped together (we suppose), but this shouldn't be on a site this big. Are there no moderators on this site?

Oh the fine print "Disclosure: This content is provided by or on behalf of a local business. The content is not subject to the editorial policies of Metromix and is not reviewed for accuracy, objectivity or balance." Great site! Is this where suburbanites get their information? Scary to contemplate.


Jeffrey Littleton said...

Not fair....thats our bar!!

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I know!

Its ridiculous to call it a Rogers Park area bar, it could just as well be a Lakeview area or Lincoln Park area bar, its a statement which makes no sense at all!