Friday, December 14, 2012

More Real Estate Advertising Blight, This Time On Clark Street.

         We have a copy cat Real Estate Investor advertiser in Rogers Park. At least this guy is promising 6 thousand a month. The last guy's sign said only two thousand and more. Southbound Metra in the background and the pit of despair (where the Adelphi Theatre once stood). Would be interesting to do a study on the people behind these signs and calling these numbers. Both handwritten on yellow cardboard. This is blight and whats worse some poor fool may fall for this.

Its Gone! Ripped off the fence with Brute Force!


Craig Gernhardt said...

Great work. Keep up the awesome blogging. Shit, maybe I'll have to close down the Broken Heart, again, and let you do all the free neighborhood news reporting.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Hey Craig there is more than enough news for both of us in this neighborhood! I'm not trying to hog it all. You do great work yourself. I get jealous with some of the stories you do, and think DAMN that would've been a good one to cover.

I just think that Rogers Park was missing an Uptown Update type blog (I could never run a blog like that, I do have a job, I dont know how the hell Caring Neighbor has time to run that site).

Rogers Park needs both blogs!

There are tons of stories NOT being covered as well in and around Rogers Park.