Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sol Cafe Rogers Park - We Have Waited Since Feb 2012!

I can see North of Howard from Here.
photo courtesy of Chevanston bloggers Inc.

Interior is stunning. Now there is actual substantive proof that Howard has a chance to turn it around (and it will). Only major gripe is that the lids for the coffee are not at the cream/half and half stand up front (or as fancy coffee shops would say drink modification station). The inside of this coffee shop is nicer than the Coffee Studio in Andersonville. This currently is the nicest coffee shop in Rogers Park as far as interiors go. Sol Cafe may force Charmers Cafe to step it up a notch in that department. Who sets the bar for coffee in the area? Its still Brothers K's main location at Main and Hinman in Evanston. No one can match the enthusiasm of the brothers, the people behind the counter/baristas and high level of quality coffee (yet) and atmosphere. Bowtruss is the roaster for this (Sol) coffee shop and their homebase is in Lakeview.  Nice to see more local roasters in Chicago. The coffee this morning was good but will need to try more to get better idea of the taste and quality. Common Cup and Pillars Social Cafe (really a restaurant) have Intelligentsia coffee, Charmers has Metropolis coffee,. Eventually Rogers Park needs its own super fancy coffee roasting cafe and company. Sol Cafe does fulfill a need for a place for neighbors to meet, hang out and get high quality coffee in the North of Howard and nearby Jargowood sections of Rogers Park. As far as Rogers Park most unique coffee shop, that's Royal Coffee which serves authentic Ethiopian Coffee. The density of coffee shops in a neighborhood inversely correlates with violent crimes, so this should be a boon to Howard street.

First post on the village message board alerting fellow villagers that Cafe Sol was coming to Howard. If you haven't checked it out yet, you won't be disappointed. Check it out!

(Courtesy of Chevanston Inc.)

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