Saturday, December 29, 2012

Neighbor of the Year 2012. Applejack.

       The award was voted on and determined in a secret caucus, the location unknown as we were  blindfolded and led there by the sacred virgins. We have an unofficial area for neighbors to meet, exchange ideas, to ask whether it was gunfire or fireworks, talk about sick cats, look for a plumber or just wonder why fire trucks are parked outside. Neighbors come and neighbors go. Some have been permanently banned, some secretly lurk in the shadows and some use sock puppets. It is appropriate that the neighbor of the year for 2012 was permanently banished. And that winner is Applejack. 

Full Moon Above Farwell Pier 
(AKA Farwell Ave Breakwaters)
          Applejack posted numerous stunning photos of Farwell Pier throughout the spring, summer and fall of 2012. More importantly he was instrumental in getting the Farwell Pier Beacon re-lit. That red light blinks every three seconds now because of his hard work and due diligence in speaking with the myriad bureaucrats of the city and park district necessary to get such a feat accomplished. The Farwell Pier's light is an important nautical landmark that keeps swimmers, sailors and surfers safe. Lake Michigan along the coast of Rogers Park is a beautiful place where couples stroll for an early evening romantic walk made just that more picturesque with the beacon of Farwell Pier now re-lit.  This is just one example of the many photos and stories he submitted and shared with the community. This photo was published on the Village Message Board on August 3rd 2012. To read the comments that were attached to this fine photograph plus continue reading below.

"One Coast Guard helicopter, three Fire Trucks, one Ambulance, a Squad of Rescue Divers, four Police Response Units, a few Rescue Boats, lots of flashing lights......and a perfect Full Moon. This is becoming the regular Rogers Park Air & Water Show on warm summer nights."

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