Monday, December 31, 2012

Chevanston, Illinois Circa 2012

       This first photo is taken from Paulina looking north towards Evanston, just south of Rogers. You can see the James Sneider senior apartments to the left and the Gateway plaza parking garage to the right. Straight ahead you see 415 w Howard Evanston, Il peeking over the Gateway plaza and bus terminal. Have a safe New Year's Eve on this last day of 2012! 

          This second photo is taken from the roof of the Gateway parking plaza looking northwest. To the bottom right is the Howard L station. And the 18 story luxury apartment building 415 w Howard Evanston, Il to the left. To make it to this vista simply take the urinevator to the top. The urinevator is accessed from the bus station down below or walk up the stairs. The stairs were officially off limits to pedestrians on this day of December 31st 2012 as marked by a plastic floor sign. To see how the new Chevanston blog header was created continue reading below.

        Photo taken from the roof of Gateway parking lot structure looking east, 4th floor. In the distance you can see the Farcroft. To left you can see the water tower stand by Howard and Sheridan. It really would be awesome to have a water tower ala Andersonville there for Rogers Park. The L train down below heads toward the terminus for the Red line. You can see the intersection of Birchwood and Rogers with the silly little triangle parkway as well

.       This last shot we can see the Howard L station with the skyline of downtown Evanston in the background. This is cropped and enlarged at the bottom. And then further cropped again. That's how the new header for Chevanston was created. This photographer was not expecting to bag this shot, which is whats fun with taking photos. Will have to get a real camera some day, have just been using my i-phone 4s so far.

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