Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Evanston Map By Income -- 2010 Census Data.

                 Looking at this map we see that Asbury street does demarcate one part of town from another with significant differences in income level. What is interesting to see the patch of Dark Brown south of Main street, east of Dodge and West of Asbury and just north of James Park. The City Data Forum Map is a rough sketch of what is considered a "good" area and what is considered a "bad" area. Just like Rogers Park, Evanston is patchy. This is a more accurate look at what is the tonier side of town and what is the rough part of town. What is surprising is that the income levels near Northwestern are so low, this may be because students live there, there is some subsidized housing there for low income, senior living and  apartment high rises are there. The Dark Brown areas are where the toniest single family houses are situated and the most desired parts of Evanston to live. Neither map tells the entire story though, because we don't see shootings around Northwestern. We also don't see a huge disparity in income levels between the Howard adjacent part of Evanston east of Asbury and the area north of Dempster. Income level isn't the only factor related to crime or perhaps this census data from 2010 is totally inaccurate. 


Craig Gernhardt said...

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