Sunday, December 2, 2012

Warning this post contains scenes of a graphic nature!

Chip Bagg regular poster currently MIA.
Mr Chip Bagg I have some bad news......

Danger! Trash and graffiti abound on this stretch of Greenview inbetween Fargo and Birchwood. This writer witnessed a drug lookout walking up and down the street and a Narc car racing around the area multiple times looking for a drug dealer. Not surprising given the level of litter and graffiti around ( drug dealers, users,gangs etc. feel at home and they litter without giving it a second thought). Needless to say the trash and litter was picked up. Shocking to find Chip Bagg's cousin Mr Lay dead on the parkway.
Trash o' Plenty.

Mr. Lay are you okay?

RIP Mr. Lay His head was ripped open and his insides eaten raw.

Graffiti and litter go hand in hand (yes the tag is gone now)

The Danger Door is located on the east side of Greenview in the alley between Birchwood and Fargo


Dangerously unstable individual said...

I don't think you should be able to buy single packs of crisps with LINK. I know there was a bit I saw that you can't buy Red Bull with it anymore. You should only be able to get reasonably healthy stuff with LINK, that's honestly the only way to survive a month on $200 of it, to get raw materials to make your own meals.

Sammy Amato said...

The Mayor of New York just proposed a ban on large bottles of Coca-Cola because of health reasons. The consumption of fast unhealthy convenience foods are hurting tax payers. Something to think about. I wouldn't be opposed to a ban on crap foods. Coronary heart disease leads to expensive hospital bills. Who pays these bills?