Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rogers Park Double Coverage With Broken Heart &

                      Rogers Park has more reporters then it knows to do with these days. We have two heavyweights, Benjamin Woodard and Craig Gernhardt. B. Woodard is newer to the Rogers Park scene but is doing a good job covering coffee shop openings, restaurant news and community pieces like the abandoned portable classroom.   Broken Heart can't be beat for up to the minute crime coverage. However Broken Heart's soul searching coverage of the Murder Tree was very incisive, informative and touching.

                       Head to head though Broken Heart coverage of crime news can't be beat. No one is going to look at for updates on breaking crime stories. Not so with local news leader Broken Heart of Rogers Park. The latest story of a troubling sexual assault by where the new bike racks are going in at Lunt and Glenwood has everyone upset. did a competent job covering the story after the Broken Heart did and had no further updates. Broken Heart used fresh photos of the scene that day and provided information first and continued to update everyone throughout the day. Which is important because we want to be safe and don't want harm to come to anyone in Rogers Park. 

                     Overall DNAinfo provides great stories about people in the community and general neighborhood news. But Broken Heart proves that a blog provides superior coverage for breaking stories regarding crime where updates are key to being informed up to the minute. 

Broken Heart of Rogers Park photos.

Bit of a tight shot but photo taken day of story

TV crew covering the story at the scene 


Lackluster, old and  dated photo of scene


Gonzo Rockatansky said...

Bro, some friendly advice. Stay away from Broken Heart. That psychopath will pull you down and chew you up in a flash. Gerndouche has no loyalty to no one and you are no match for him. Just a warning. Do your own thing. This history gig is great. Ben is no threat and does his own thing on DNA. Suck up to Craig and he will eat you alive some day. I know his type from the big house Bro and I'm a survivor.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Last comment to be published by infamous troll Gonzo Rockatansky!
Its been fun Gonzo, but its time to go play somewhere else.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Well said, Jeff-O. This prick, Gonzo, is really Hugh Devlin, pretending to be seven different internet names on our blogs.

He's most likely got 10 differnet aliases on Everyblcock. Including Barb from Ravenswood and Helen.

It's a shame pricks like Hugh Devlin exist. I'd love to take him in the wooods of Wisconsin and teach him a lesson, or two.

Isadora MoonlightLonetree said...

OMG you guys are like totally over reacting. It feels like the cops after our initial Occupy protests when they pepper sprayed us. You're being totes unreasonable. Something must have struck a chord if you're going to censor people like your hated Becca does on EB. That would be a shame. But if you decide to censor...nevermind.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Its hard to scoop Craig!

The mysterious Hugh Devlin, would be nice to have some actual comments instead of these bizarre warnings!