Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dero Fixit Station - 3 Months Later

Well if Dero wanted to see how sturdy its bike station was.... the Gateway bus station just south of Howard are the perfect testing grounds.

The little red tower is missing two black rubber strips where the bike is supposed to sit while you tinker with it. Bike pump went from nonfunctional to nonexistent. Will there be a replacement? If Dero is really designing a tough hard nose nigh indestructible bicycle fixit station. Well, they're gonna have to try harder.

If you want to pump up your tires now you'd best take your bike down to Marathon just past the Metra tracks or see if the Recyclery is open.

Dero Fixit Station in original condition back in mid June. Wonder what it will look like six months or a year from now?

Monday, September 29, 2014

6916 N Wayne Avenue - Rogers Pk

Didn't win this E-bay auction unfortunately. Nice picture of when the brick paved street was in its childhood. So quaint back then. No steel fences; most city trees still babies.

6916 Wayne Ave Rogers Pk Chicago - Philip was home in this upper apartment. Mother Kremer on upper porch. Clinton Jr. on lower porch

Offered are two amateur scrapbook photos (3 3/4" by 5 1/2" for the larger) about 1915-1920 maybe slightly earlier of the same house at 6916 Wayne Avenue in Rogers Park, Chicago. Both have some creasing, bends and corner wear and larger has a pinhole at top edge. Google maps shows this house as still standing and almost unchanged. Shipped between heavy cardboard with delivery confirmation included at 2.10 in US. Thanks.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

rogerSPARK Newspapers From The Sixties

"Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one"

Rogers Park has been a stronghold of the sinistral (far left) going back many many years. Reading the paper we see that so called "militarization" of the police is nothing new. And neither are leftist agitators. The problem with history is that we become too far removed and the younger generation can't remember what happened before they were born. Hence more education is needed.

If you want to buy this cool newspaper click here.

(Scroll down to see all the photos - click on each photo to see a close-up photo.) This auction is for Volume 1 Number 17 issue of the Roger Spark dated August 26, 1968. This was a radical newspaper put out by CIPA (Committee for Independent Political Action), that was located in the north side, Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. The paper measures 10" x 8-1/2" (folded) and 10" x 17" (unfolded) and has 4 pages. The front page headline reads "Dems Seize Chicago!" along with a cartoon showing cops with shotguns, dogs and barbed wire with a helicopter overhead. There is a column by Clark Kissinger "The City Responds" talking about how anti-war groups in Chicago are going to respond to the convention. 

"CIPA joins the struggle" talks about their four-point action program to support the week-long demonstration against the Dem convention. There is a full page inside on the Yippie plans for the convention. It has a map of Lincoln Park with areas marked off. The bottom one-third of the page is the "Yippie Anti-Convention Schedule" including an Aug 25 noon rally at Grant Park, post-rally picketing of Loop hotels, a Yippie Music Festival in Lincoln Park, Aug 26 - Yippie workshops on drug problems, communes, Yippie Beach Party at North Ave Beach, Aug 27 - Counter Birthday Party for LBJ at Coliseum, Yippie rally and nomination of Pigasus in Lincoln Park; Aug 28 - Yippie Olympics, picket-sign pickup at Grant Park bandshell, assembly on State St, arrival at Amphitheatre; Aug 29 - "mill-in" in Loop at 11am. 

The back cover has an ad for Alice's Restaurant, 2445 Lincoln (according to a newspaper article in 1969, the hippie hangout was forced to move because of noise complaints.) The newspaper is in good condition (it is on a little heavier paper) - the paper is yellowed with age and has some toning - there is a light vertical crease from being folded in quarters - there are a few smaller creases. A NICE PIECE OF CHICAGO ANTI-WAR HISTORY - THE YIPPIE FULL PAGE WOULD LOOK NICE FRAMED! Postage is $3.50. Check out my other auctions that I'll be listing this week for some other issues of the Roger Spark and other items that I found in this group: anti-war / counter culture / underground newspapers / Democratic Convention, SDS papers, et c dating from 1967 - 71. 

There is another auction for another Roger Spark newspaper here. Hippie activists gather to leave the neighborhood en masse to protest the Vietnam war downtown. The more things change the more they stay the same?

This auction is for Volume 1 Number 7 issue of the Roger Spark dated April 22, 1968. This was a radical newspaper put out by CIPA (Committee for Independent Political Action), that was located in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. The paper measures 10" x 8-1/4" (folded) and 10" x 17" (unfolded) and has 8 pages. The inside back cover has a full-page ad for "Chicagoans March to End the War" on Saturday, April 27 (1968). The rally was going to be at the Grant Park Bandshell with a march through the Loop at 2:00. Chartered Buses will leave from the Loyola University Fieldhouse at 11:45am. The event was being run by the April Parade Committee and the Chicago Peace Council. There is also an article in the paper about the planned march. There is an editorial and a couple articles about the death of Martin Luther King and the aftermath in Chicago. There is an article about people in the Rogers Park community meeting with an eyewitness to deaths of two students in Orangeburg, SC who were attempting to integrate a "White Only" bowling alley. 

Ug Has Returned!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

7245 N Ridge AKA "The Ridge House" Circa 2014

This house led a fairly uneventful life from 1909 up until the turn of our present century. That all changed during the irrational exuberance of the housing bubble starting in the late nineties and skyrocketing out of control in the early aughts, bursting in 2008.

7245 N Ridge (according to Redfin) began its voyage into chanciness January 2001 when it sold for 420,000 dollars. Year and a half later it changed hands for 437 k. Near the end of the real estate craze May 2007 list price was just under 730k. It delisted that October.

Yo Chicago wrote a promotional piece on the Arts and Crafts home when it was going for almost three quarters of a million dollars. At least two prairie style homes sit on the same block. One of them could be a twin.

We still haven't recovered from the aftermath of the housing bubble. Evidenced by squatters slash housing activists taking up residence in this vacant house at the western edge of Rogers Park.

Revolution and Beer first tweeted a link to its write up regarding this unusual living arrangement September 16th. Apparently Jorge Ortiz has been living there (notoriously?) for the past two years. His Curriculum Vitae was found simply by Googling the address.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Rogers Park Harvest On Howard Street

  • Saturday - September 27th 1-4 pm 
  • @ Willye B. White Park - 1610 w Howard Street
  • Hayrides, Pumpkin Patch
  • Inflatables and Enterntainment
  • Refreshments ( last year it was Food and beverages (including seasonal cider, apples and cinnamon rolls) will be provided by Whole Foods, which also hosts a kid-friendly cooking demonstration.) this year?
  • Free Admission at this the Fifth annual Howard Street Fall Festival

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hitchcock After Dark - Angry Birds

One of Chevanston's interns had a night off last week and decided on a lark to watch the filming of Hitchcocks's latest production. The following is his report verbatim.

The old Downey mansion and grounds at Sheridan and Granville is where Universal and Hitchcock decided to film his latest thriller, "The Birds" (well at least the trailer). This writer sat through a dry run of the entire film this past Thursday. A small audience had gathered to watch the production on a late summer evening.

Hitch himself never made an appearance but his presence was definitely felt. The actors, stage hands and film crew were all working feverishly trying satisfy the demanding director.

Never one to follow conventions Mr. Hitchcock cast men in traditional female roles and vice versa. Not sure if the songs will make the final cut but "The Woman At The End Of The Road" was well written and sung. Dialogue witty, on and off the set. Watching the actors have so much fun on stage you could live vicariously through them. When done well and with the right material there is nothing like it.

If it weren't for all the foul fowl Bodega Bay looked like a great place to visit or perhaps even live. At one point if felt as though the whole house was under attack by a flock of raving mad birds.

Since not all of the action takes place in one location the players had to make do with rearranging furniture, using a film projector, ersatz birds (for the safety of the audience) strobe lights and so called "electronic" cigarettes (nicotine free even).

At the end donations were collected to support Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the possession of extra time and money; its both well spent.
Hell in a Hand Bag's rendition (PROMO ON YOUTUBE) of "The Birds" is probably the most offbeat, interesting play in Chicago at this time (especially for Fall/Halloween/Harvest time). Running Sept 11th through November 1st. An authentic reinterpretation given the seal of approval by Tippi Hedren herself.

Call 1-800-838-3006 or visit their website for tickets. Shows generally run Thursday through Sunday nights starting at 7:30 pm. A short walk from the Granville Red Line "L" station.

T-shirt of playbill will be available soon.

CAPS Meeting For Beat 2422

Marshfield and Rogers "L" gate
which grants CTA workers access to the track & ATC signal system.
This yard has been accumulating litter for years.

  • September 23rd (Tuesday) 7:00-8:00 pm @ Willey White Park 1610 w. Howard
  • Come meet your neighbors and your 24th District Chicago Police Beat Officers
  • Help make your beat a better place!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Gang Sidewalks

Gangs have been in Rogers Park for awhile. Take a look at these sidewalks. Above LK at Rogers and Paulina. Lots of walkways have been redone lately. These should be on the shortlist for replacement. Gangs and their symbols are hidden in plain sight. Ignorance of their activity may lead to peril. People stand and walk on these slabs of concrete everyday without realizing the violent gang turf.

Latin Kings and Gangster Disciples have been at it for a long time. You can tell with the age of this most permanent of graffiti. Over by Dubkin Park on Ashland there at least five slabs of walkway marred by gang markings.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wonder Woman Lives On Rogers Ave

You wouldn't know it by the looks of it but.... this is where one of the major superheroes of our time resides. Or at least when she goes incommunicado. The gang graffiti provides local color and camouflage. Sometimes WW needs to be left alone.

She flies in on her invisible jet for the week (easy enough to hide). Breaking out her urban wear its a piece of cake to blend in with the locals. Every once in awhile she has to take care of business with her lasso of truth. Surprising that someone of her stature would stick her name on the buzzer box though. WW figures no one takes it seriously. When Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent happen to be in town they take the Red Line up north and call on WW to see if she's in.

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Progress On David & Glenner School On California

Monday, September 15, 2014

Birch Trees @ Greenview and Lunt

One day left on this postcard auction. Why are there so few birches (Birchwood) in Rogers Park nowadays? Easier to find them in murals that in real life.

"I have this old real photo postcard unused in mailingand titled on the PICTURED SIDE, APTS, N.E. COR. GREENVIEW & LUNT AVS, ROGERS PARK, CHICAGO, ILL. Below are scans of this postcard for viewing to show the condition of this postcard.. Mailing cost will be .50 cents in a stamped envelope inside a greeting card.. Any questions you may have please email me. Thank You for looking."

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Comment Of The Week

1600 block of Juneway Terrace (Google Maps)
Site of latest homicide in Rogers Park

said.... (regarding affordable housing in NOH, site of many a shooting this past summer) from the thread entitled IS CHA THE PROBLEM IN ROGERS PARK? at Everyblock RP.

(People need affordable and safe housing. How these units are being run NOH however is creating an unsafe environment. The density of the units in a very small area and their mismanagement and poor oversight has led to instability. Where else in Rogers Park do you see private detectives forever stationed watching chronic loitering? Where shootouts don't even make the news and hardly raise an eyebrow. It has gotten better but its still block for block the most dangerous area on the far north side.)

d3--There are a number of different subsidy programs in play and many times, more than one program is in place in the same building, though different units participate in the different programs.
I'm guessing that the 50% number refers to Census tract 101, which is everything Howard and north and from the El to the lake:

Northpoint owns 12 buildings, IIRC, containing 304 units. This is site based section 8.
Last I checked, there were another 100 or so housing choice voucher recipients; portable section 8.
Another 50+ units in the census tract have units that receive subsidies from the Chicago low income housing trust fund.
There are quite a few buildings that participate in Cook County's class 9 incentive program. These properties get a large property tax break for setting aside a certin number of units (35%, I think) for those who make less than a certain percentage of the area median income (80%, I think). Two buildings that I know participate in this program are 7645 Sheridan Rd and the Broadmoor, though there are others, of course.
As far as organizations that run low income housing operations in the area, Good News partners is probably the largest. They control something like 550 units, though some of those units participate in one of the above mentioned programs. 
There is a lot more to say and I'm sure there are some other incentives at play that I haven't covered, but this is a good start.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hell In A Handbag Productions Presents.......

The Birds! Performances start tomorrow @ 6205 N Sheridan. Speaking to the caretakers of Downey Mansion (Berger Park Cultural Center) was illuminating. Tippi Heddren (mother of Melanie Griffith and original lead female) makes an appearance to at least one of the productions every year to raise money for one of her charities. She visited Chicago to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Birds recently and a free screening of the famous film at the Music Box a couple years back.

Outdoor seating has been expanded to 75 this year. The action takes place in the Downey mansion coach house, the grounds and the lake. Not a strict adaption of the movie. Girls play guys and vice versa. The Birds didn't mean to be camp in its day but watching it now it is. And thus so is the play. Alfred Hitchcock is rumoured to make a cameo appearance.

Tickets vary in price from 17 to 37 bucks. Call 1-800-838-3006 or visit http://www.handbagproductions.org/ to buy tickets.

"Endorsed by none other than Ms. Tippi Hedren herself, The Birds stands out as one of Handbag's most critically acclaimed and memorable shows. The environmental staging at the, Coach House on Berger Park in Lake Michigan makes it a unique experience you won't soon forget."

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Respect Our Community Do Not Litter

Paulina and Granville in nearby Edgewater has a unique street sign and set of garbage cans. Looks like its working. Are there other iterations of this sign? This sign is not attached to a street pole but is tagged as Chicago. Would this reminder and two extra garbage cans come in handy somewhere in Rogers Park?

This appears to be a community project. Not something installed by the city. The ornamental sign holder is especially cool. In this writers opinion Jarvis and Greenview could really use this set up. There is a no littering sign North of Howard.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blame The Shooter Not The Victim?

Internet "discussions" follow a whole different logic versus the old face to face. If you disagree with someone and you want to "win" the debate the following parley is a classic textbook example. Especially if you are "inserting" yourself into someone else's convo where you take someone's side.

Intro - you just proved the other person's point. Response number one - you aren't paying attention so read it again (nitwit). Response number two - I could explain it to you but I can't comprehend it for you. Implying that it would waste the user's time to even go into the mysterious explanation. It's so above your head.  And the outro - well bro, sorry not my problemo you no comprehendo, smell ya later. Notice that the second discussant also blames the first party to committing the same sin that he did (so called jumping in uninvited, isn't that the whole point of social media?).

This confab revolved around the disturbing shooting on Morse Saturday night. Suntimes in their article mentioned that the man shot was a gangbanger.  DNAinfo.com above adds that he was riding his bike down the sidewalk (technically illegal though only officially from Ardmore to 6400 W Sheridan along Sheridan Road) and someone from a moving car managed to wound him critically with a pistol. Motive is very important in solving any shooting and very relevant to public safety. Or should we be "indifferent"?

These shootings are scary because they are so random. Gangbangers aren't hanging on the corner anymore (correct this writer if wrong) so where they shoot has become more haphazard and the bullets have been hitting innocent bystanders including a young man on Devon who died from his injuries.

Last edited 9/8/14 1:10 am

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Path Across Rogers

Some neighbors take matters into their own hands. On parkways nonadjacent to their abode even. Large flagstones and pavers were placed at Fargo and Paulina and Rogers this past year. Neighborhoods and cities thrive when the community, residents and owners take care of the public land.

Official crosswalks and the natural passage are not always simpatico. People would rather walk through mud than take a extra minute to cross the street. Looking at the above picture there already is a cement slab corresponding to the footpath in the foreground.

Those going to and fro from the Paulina entrance of the Howard "L" stop usually find the cross walk further north too far. Usually there would be a crosswalk on both sides of the three sided intersection. Planners presumably have deemed that too dangerous as buses are always turning into the Gateway terminal. Silly city planners.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lifestyles Of The .....?

This large apartment building at Fargo and Greenview sports one of the most lackluster and depressing parkways in Rogers Park. Dirt and garbage. Can't help but think of the Good Charlotte song "Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous" when this writer passes by. Except its not.

Owner and management company are taking a completely hands off approach. Here's how it looks with snow. Hard to believe this outfit's headquarter is in a tony part of Lakeview. Someone should at least be dispatched once a week to pick up all the litter. Heck go crazy and one day plant something and water it a couple times a week. Until then this is the default parkway. Making no choices or upkeep is still a decision.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Commercial Space Available On Jarvis

What do we need in the neighborhood? Plenty of places to eat and drink. How about a clothing/jeans store? Or a book store? According to DNAinfo.com the Howard "L" area needs retail development. What about retail space that is already vacant?

The former Goods For Less has sat empty this past year and its been forever since Jarvis "L" retail space had anything. Thriving and interesting cities need places for people to buy goods and services inside the neighborhood. If not people living here are forced to drive or take the train elsewhere to shop.

1547 w Jarvis has had a lot of false starts and almosts. Maybe this coming year will be different?

Monday, September 1, 2014

House Music @ Inner Metamorphosis University

Low End Theory was the landmark hip hop album by Tribe Called Quest in the early nineties. The cover of the album was a women with red and green paint on her.

Low End Theory has inspired special edition sneakers, a club night in L.A and in S.F, and a Kickstarter campaign fully funded back in 2012.  (Baby used to have a paint brush. It looks like the baby has its fingers up its nose, probably just teething.)

And now its a DJ House set at I.M.U., 1418 w Howard.

Saturday September 6th 8 pm until 2 am, music spun by DJ Alano V. and Tony G. All those dressed in black and white get a discount at the door. #Committed to giving you the best in authentic Deep House and Soul grooves.

Fresh Organic Juice Bar and House Music will make an interesting combo.