Monday, September 1, 2014

House Music @ Inner Metamorphosis University

Low End Theory was the landmark hip hop album by Tribe Called Quest in the early nineties. The cover of the album was a women with red and green paint on her.

Low End Theory has inspired special edition sneakers, a club night in L.A and in S.F, and a Kickstarter campaign fully funded back in 2012.  (Baby used to have a paint brush. It looks like the baby has its fingers up its nose, probably just teething.)

And now its a DJ House set at I.M.U., 1418 w Howard.

Saturday September 6th 8 pm until 2 am, music spun by DJ Alano V. and Tony G. All those dressed in black and white get a discount at the door. #Committed to giving you the best in authentic Deep House and Soul grooves.

Fresh Organic Juice Bar and House Music will make an interesting combo.

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