Friday, September 19, 2014

Gang Sidewalks

Gangs have been in Rogers Park for awhile. Take a look at these sidewalks. Above LK at Rogers and Paulina. Lots of walkways have been redone lately. These should be on the shortlist for replacement. Gangs and their symbols are hidden in plain sight. Ignorance of their activity may lead to peril. People stand and walk on these slabs of concrete everyday without realizing the violent gang turf.

Latin Kings and Gangster Disciples have been at it for a long time. You can tell with the age of this most permanent of graffiti. Over by Dubkin Park on Ashland there at least five slabs of walkway marred by gang markings.

Please continue reading for more pictures

Rogers ave side of 7430 N Paulina
Rogers ave side of 7430 N Paulina

7500 block north Ashland adjacent to Dubkin park


KK ALL DAY, how many times have you walked on this
and not noticed it?

Let's talk to the Alderman's office and get this hateful
and dangerous vandalism removed

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