Saturday, September 13, 2014

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1600 block of Juneway Terrace (Google Maps)
Site of latest homicide in Rogers Park

said.... (regarding affordable housing in NOH, site of many a shooting this past summer) from the thread entitled IS CHA THE PROBLEM IN ROGERS PARK? at Everyblock RP.

(People need affordable and safe housing. How these units are being run NOH however is creating an unsafe environment. The density of the units in a very small area and their mismanagement and poor oversight has led to instability. Where else in Rogers Park do you see private detectives forever stationed watching chronic loitering? Where shootouts don't even make the news and hardly raise an eyebrow. It has gotten better but its still block for block the most dangerous area on the far north side.)

d3--There are a number of different subsidy programs in play and many times, more than one program is in place in the same building, though different units participate in the different programs.
I'm guessing that the 50% number refers to Census tract 101, which is everything Howard and north and from the El to the lake:

Northpoint owns 12 buildings, IIRC, containing 304 units. This is site based section 8.
Last I checked, there were another 100 or so housing choice voucher recipients; portable section 8.
Another 50+ units in the census tract have units that receive subsidies from the Chicago low income housing trust fund.
There are quite a few buildings that participate in Cook County's class 9 incentive program. These properties get a large property tax break for setting aside a certin number of units (35%, I think) for those who make less than a certain percentage of the area median income (80%, I think). Two buildings that I know participate in this program are 7645 Sheridan Rd and the Broadmoor, though there are others, of course.
As far as organizations that run low income housing operations in the area, Good News partners is probably the largest. They control something like 550 units, though some of those units participate in one of the above mentioned programs. 
There is a lot more to say and I'm sure there are some other incentives at play that I haven't covered, but this is a good start.

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