Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beat 2422 Leads Rogers Park & Far North Side In Crime

Overall in Rogers Park crime is down (at least violent crime). But the northernmost beat (2422) in Chicago is still the leader in total crime north of Lawrence Avenue. Clearmap is a useful tool to analyze where crime is happening in our city and our neighborhoods (and what type).

Beat 2422 is bounded by Jarvis to the south, Clark to the west, the lake to the east, and the city limits of Evanston to the north and west. Beat 2413 is just ahead of 2422 with total incidents but it also is quite a bit larger; at least twice the size.

Four different colors for each police beat on the map. White represents 45-215 crime reports, yellow 216-291, orange 292-391 and dark brown 392-621. 2422 is a mid orange beat and 78th by rank out of a total of 273 in the city. First being the most dangerous (0421 which looks like its in South Shore) and 273rd being the safest (which is 1652 and inside of O'hare airport).

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There is a reason why Wrigleyville Crime Blotter exists. Their beat 1924 is pretty small but is number 4 in the city in the all crime category with 580 incidents. The safest actual neighborhood that you could actually live in (at least by these stats) ranks at 270th is police beat 2033 in southern Edgewater.

Breaking down the incidents for 2422 into the different categories for the past three months

Violent crime - 25 incidents
Property crime - 108 incidents
Public violence - 9 incidents
Homicide - 2 incidents
Non Index - 202 incidents
Index crime - 133 incidents
Criminal sexual assault - 1 incident
Robbery - 8 incidents
Aggravated assault - 5 incidents
Aggravated battery - 9 incidents
Burglary - 12 incidents
Larceny - 90 incidents
Auto Theft - 6 incidents
Simple assault - 17 incidents

2422 ranks high in larceny, property crime and index crime. 

Larceny involves taking an object from someone and carrying it away. Like an I-phone for example.

Property crime is a category of crime that includes, among other crimes, burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism. No threat of force takes place with property crime, only taking possession of someone else's money or property.

What is the difference between index versus non-index crime?

From wiki answers - According to the >US Legal< website, Index crimes are the eight crimes the FBI combines to produce its annual crime index. These "indexed" offenses include willful homicide, forcible rape, robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, larceny over $50, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Therefore, ALL other offenses are considered to be non-index crimes.

At least beat 2422 doesn't have too many violent crimes (116th rank in city). 

Violent crime consists of violent acts (murder), violence to achieve an objective (robbery) or crimes involving a weapon.  "With the exception of rape (which accounts for 6% of all reported violent crimes), males are the primary victims of all forms of violent crime.[1]" (Wikipedia)

(special thanks to commenter Jim A for introducing this blogger to Clearmap)


Pancetta Bardini said...

OMG that is so horrible. Shouldn't you consider moving somewhere safe like Jefferson Park where lots of cops live? You will get hurt with all the sneaking around that you do here. Sooner or later you will get in trouble again and might not recover. You really should move out of here and go somewhere safe. Don't become a martyr.

Mary Leahy said...

Hey Phil, lay off Howard street and such. I got some good friends that live over there. They love it. And what kinda comparison is beat 2422 with that one south and west. The only way to compare is on population not size. You dumb or something?