Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shots Fired Early Friday Greenview by Rogers & Birchwood

This blogmaster was too busy yesterday to keep up with all sources of Rogers Park News. If anyone hasn't heard there was a shooting (nobody hit) early Friday morning (9/6/2013). Join the discussion here at East Rogers Park & NOH Neighbors Facebook page.

Below are the key comments/posts from the discussion. Not everyone has a Facebook account or is a member of this Facebook group. It is important that as many neighbors as possible know what violence is affecting the neighborhood and from where. Usually reports of shots fired make it onto Twitter. Not this time.(above is Google screenshot of Greenview and Birchwood intersection looking south)

Jenn Peterson
About 330 am, shots fired on Greenview between Rogers and Birchwood. CPD covered the whole area immediately. I counted at least ten cars. They were on foot in the street up and down Greenview w flashlights, also.

Tim Nice 
Yesterday at around 6pm I saw two people arguing & one was threatening to take away the others "9" in the alley between greenview & Sheridan behind the tan apt building where I park my car. One was a black male, the other was an Asian female with a long black pony tail. They went inside the tan building after the argument. Can't help but to think that this may be related. Seems like a lot of questionable stuff happening in that building lately.

Jenn Peterson
 is the building in question the tan multi-unit building that fronts on Sheridan Road, in between Rogers and Jonquil? That building is a problem.


Tommy Chipgard said...

Stick to your day job Jeffy. Reposting other people's news isn't your strong point. Your own original posts about stickers, litter, graffiti and tripping hazards isn't really newsworthy. I watch you hoping to catch "news" but you constantly disappoint me. Time to say bye bye. You can't make a blog off of reposting other people's news.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

No prob Tommy.

This is neighborhood news, it isn't other people's news.

Facebook isn't quite the visible net.

Its okay if you dont agree with what this writer is doing.

This is public safety. Rogers Park at large needs to know about shots fired, not just a Facebook clique.

To each his own. Thanks for all your comments and "see ya on the flipside"

Tommy Chipgard said...

FB is kid's talk. Nextdoor is the big boy in town right now ever since Everyblock bit the dust. Keep on truckin. Every once in a while you do hit a homerun mostly with the history stuff. Don't shut down for lack of readership.

Mary Leahy said...

Hey, Tommy, ya got that right. I read that stuff on FB on Friday. Phil here just cut and pasted. Hows that reporting? Bet FBs got tons more readers than this sad blog.

Whose Jeffy, Tommy?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

How come its the most read blog post of the week?

Not everyone read it on FB...