Thursday, September 5, 2013

Photos From Sullivan Shooting In 1989

Interesting set of photos here from a crime scene outside Sullivan Highschool in '89 (Bosworth & Northshore). We can see that the cops attached the crime scene tape (which reads Police Line Do Not Cross) onto their squad cars. (This collection of photos can be all yours at the buy it now price of fifteen bucks @ E-bay)

In the above photo the precursor to the nineties Caprice sits side by side with a classic eighties police car. A policeman is seen still wearing the old fashioned cap. A film crew is on site to report on the shooting. The on site reporter is wearing a trench coat. Also spotted is someone taking notes probably from a newspaper and a photographer (In the days before reporter/producers).

 Graffiti on the back of the stop sign. The fire hydrant is missing one of its caps. One mail sticker on the front of the stop sign. A car parked beyond the police has a mismatched door. (This is how a blog post would look in 1989.)

Update 10/28/13 - (Better safe than sorry.Can only show the photos in reference to selling them according to this A screenshot of the sale page should be okay.)

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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Email entitled "That Trench Coat"

"Might be a detective rather than a reporter. My dad always wore one on the job, and cops do take notes.

Great pictures."

Bill Savage