Saturday, September 28, 2013

Farmers Market

According the man behind the cash register this store at Estes and Ridge opened three days ago. This corner hasn't had a store is at least ten years? Cherry Limeaid tastes as bad as it sounds, don't try it. This place has the usual Bodega staples like junk food, chips, pop, milk, cigarettes, candles. They also carry some Indian food and spices. Inside you can see the store isn't fully stocked or organized. Hopefully it will evolve over time and become a full fledged grocery store.

A machine used for cutting meat sits to the left of the cash register. There is a scale for weighing produce. He says he is thinking of carrying both. Fresh donuts, ice cream, toilet paper, milk etc. He (store manager) declined when asked to have his picture taken. Name of the store is Farmers Market. The hand painted signs add flair to this otherwise drab intersection.

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Bill Morton said...

This is a great development for our community!

That storefront has been empty way-too-long, and this new establishment should gain a following quickly from both Rogers Park and West Ridge neighborhoods (since it is located right on the border of both).

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Agreed Bill.

I remember someone told me they were filming a movie here. It was Contagion. The people were hanging at the Lamp Post down the street in between takes. Don't think much made into the film.

Would be nice to have a decent bar at Ridge and Touhy again as well.

Bill Morton said...

The Lamp Post had so many problems that I believe the 50th Ward had to get involved.

I'm not sure what it would take for another bar, but any business would be better than the empty blight at Ridge and Touhy.

Stanley Katakowski said...

Hope 'dey got better products 'dan spellin' skills and window washin'.