Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shecky Greene's Senior Sullivan Yearbook

This isn't Sheldon's personal yearbook but it is from his senior year (1944) at Sullivan. Below is the ad from E-bay.

This book has Las Vegas Comedian Shecky Greene as a Senior.   Mr. Greene is in here at least FOUR times!  The yearbook is a small one (6" x 9" with 163 pages). The cover shows some wear and has separated from the book.  There are light moisture stains (pix #3 shows the worst of it) on the bottom corner of most of the pages.  But the pictures of Shecky are NOT touched by this!  Remember that this book is over 65 years old!  PLUS there are lots of signatures on the end pages!

Here is a clip of Shecky Greene (Fred Sheldon Greenfield) drawing himself a new mustache on the Match Game in 1975. One commenter named Dear Prudence wrote 11 months ago "There's barely any Shecky on youtube, I hope someday someone puts up his Carson interviews."

From the Shecky Green website, "Shecky Greene is considered by many to be the ultimate, consummate nightclub performer.He is one of less than half a dozen comedians who has headlined Las Vegas hotels and been paid in the six figures a week to do so (the others being Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, Bill Cosby and Johnny Carson -- a rare fraternity indeed)."

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