Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rogers Park 2071 A.D.

It's been a while since I last checked in. The 'net is mostly down nowadays due to decaying infrastructure. A group of roving marauders breeched the gate yesterday. We had to abandon the compound that was our home these past several months.

The group held them off for a few days before we decided it was just better to take our diminishing supplies and head for higher ground. Thank god Jebediah had the foresight of storing the extra generator in the pickup. The new place doesn't have the charm of the old one. (Again best not to disclose our current locale.) But it does have decent 'puters and consoles. And the 'net connection is more up than down. Not that there is much use to reading the 'net. But every so often you get a clue on where to get fresh water or canned goods and the occasional amateur weather report.

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One of the group elders explained to us what Clear Channel was and the function of these giant rectangles. Clear Channel was a large media corporation that rented out these spaces to sell products and services (ads). Back when paper money and credit cards had value or purpose.

Nowadays people scrawl notes hoping to get word out to family they are still alive. Punks claim turf. Some kids still cling to tagging to pass the time.

This particular billboard is located on Touhy Avenue (the son in law of the founder of Rogers Park Philip Rogers, but you probably already knew that) right by the old locomotive tracks. A train (long rectangular boxes with wheels connected to each other powered by gas/electric) used to bring people north to the 'burbs or back downtown because they had jobs or errands.

A dangerous gang now uses a makeshift truck (with railroad shoes attached to the wheels) to bring supplies back and forth to their HQ. Along the way they look for passerbys to capture or rob.

On the way to finding safe haven we happened upon what was left of the library. Toby was able to grab some decent books. Which is great because many in the group were getting restless and bored.

Wish had more to report but that's about it. Over and out.


Craig Gernhardt said...

Jeff-O, did you sneak into Helen's medicine cabinet?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@Craig Quite Possibly.

Or I'm having flashbacks.

Good Movie - Happy Accidents

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

And now a word from our Russian sponsors.....