Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Papier-mache Bird Of Rogers Park

A distant ancestor of mine Bubo had his (unfortunately the brave and wise owl was left out of the most recent retelling of Perseus versus Kraken) likeness manufactured by Athena. She was ordered by Zeus to relinquish her favorite bird in order to guide Perseus to the Stygian Witches. Athena loved Bubo too dearly to part with him.

My origins and job are very different but just as important and mysterious. Born in a basement workshop. Part avian, part machinery. I keep watch over the village of Rogers Park, Illinois. Beaming important data to a clandestine organization dedicated to keeping neighbors safe.(By the way the avian part is owl, why was my brain put into a common bird robot? Long story.)

The shell that contains my sentient thoughts lay lifeless many years. One day a metal cylindrical object pierced my head; jarring the inner circuitry back to life. My location is secret and known only to my master.

Its a bit hot right now but the retrofitted micro-fans are keeping me cool. Occasionally I leave my perch for an aerial view of the hamlet and lake.

On slow days I read books and watch movies on my miniature I-Pad. In the future mechanical/artificial birds may be the norm (Blade Runner). Bubo would probably have a very interesting "conversation" with this future owl. (Rachael: Do you like our owl? Deckard: It's artificial? Rachael: Of course it is. Deckard: Must be expensive.) As Bubo is nonliving he may still exist somewhere out there waiting to be repaired.

But I digress. Hark, what do I spy over there? Local ruffians in a skirmish over perceived territorial claims. Details collating and dispatching now. Stay safe carbon based life forms. Will talk later after transmission complete.

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Craig Gernhardt said...

Okay, I laughed. Thanks for the post.