Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Be A Postmate!?

POSTMATES - Now Hiring!

Deliver local goods, work whenever you want, and explore the city! Join the team using your car or bike, and with your passion for customer service you can earn $20/hour! Take a picture of this flyer and go to and enter my referral code to get started!

Forbes wrote an article on the SF based company's decision to expand here in Chicago. Using an app on your phone you can order whatever you're lazy (or physically unable) to get yourself. Minimum delivery charge five simoleons. Reasons for moving into the Chicago market?  Grubhub seamless needs competition and low car ownership rates.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cannibal's Countenance

WATCH OUT! The next step you take may be your last!

Hip fracture season has begun early this year, late November. Fifty degrees, rain, temperature plummets, freezing rain, puddles freeze, light snow covers the newly formed black ice, Passerby loses traction but catches themselves just in time. Every so often passerby caught completely off guard falls and fractures. Leading to a long rehab or an operation plus long rehab or its the final nail in the coffin.

Especially treacherous since winter has come upon us early. The patches are few and far between silently waiting for their victims like something out of Final Destination. Persons of a certain age and with the right risk factors should just stay home on a day like today. Can you spot the black ice?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So You Wanna Be An Artist?

You will either be filthy rich or a starving artist. Which will it be?

Is there a budding Van Gogh, Picasso, Basquiat, or Francis Bacon living in Rogers Park? Of course not. There might be an unknown artist living in our midst however. This show would give this mystery person the opportunity to hang their masterpiece in a public gallery.

Or their early work before the masterpiece. What higher achievement then great art? Creating something beautiful and magnificent that never would have existed otherwise? The presence or absence of great artists would have a far greater impact on our history than anything else. Well, at least in this writer's opinion. Only way to tell is to study the many parallel Earths or conduct unethical time travel experiments.

Roman Susan's Annex on Howard Street is opening its doors November 22nd from 12-5 to improve your drawing skills and to post your best stuff. Who knows maybe the Rogers Park, Chicago of today will rival Impressionist Paris?

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Sign Up For Winter Classes @ Touhy Park

Touhy Park 7348 N Paulina (773)262-6737

Registration Online Begins 12/2/14

Classes Begin the week of January 5th:

 *Tot Spot* Saturday’s 10:30-11:30am  - $10 (10 Week Session)  for 1-3yrs

 *SOCCER* Tuesday’s  4:15-5pm - $10 (10 Week Session)  for 6-7yrs

*FLOOR HOCKEY* - Thursday’s  4:15-5pm for 6-7yrs - $10 (10 Week Session)

*KIDDIE COLLEGE* - Wed & Fri 9:30-11am for 3-5yrs  -$30 (10 Week Session)  preschool
$10 (10 Week Session)  4-5yrs

*SOCCER* - Monday’s  4-4:45pm  for 4-5yrs $10 (10 Week Session)

*BASKETBALL* - Wednesday’s  - 4-4:45pm

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Support Your Local Independently Owned Gas Station

Haven't seen the Ridge and Devon Shell tow truck in awhile (its inside of the service bays right now). The photos above were taken last year when building 14-A (at S and C) was still under construction. City gas stations are more resistant to change and corporate take over. Why? Zoning.

Not sure if the BP across the street is company owned. Chances are it is. Publicly traded businesses work to maximize profits to the nth degree.

Getting rid of auto repair and replacing it with a McDonalds or Subway (the Touhy/Sheridan Shell is a good example of this being a good idea, that area is a veritable food dessert) will make you a whole lot more money. Over the years the service in service stations has all but disappeared. In its place self serve gas, fast food, lottery tickets, coffee, cigarettes and junk food. New Jersey and Oregon are exceptions to the rule. These two states mandate that gas stations remain full serve. People get paid to pump gas, check the fluids, clean your windshield.

That's a major problem in the modern economy. We rely heavily on service jobs to support people and the economy. But the large companies have cut back on them. Take for example the dearth of baggers in grocery stores. Bagging your own groceries is now common practice. Heck we even scan our items and ring ourselves up now. Next we'll have to pickup the phone ask for a price check too.

If you lost your cell phone and need to make a call from your car stop off here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nightly Projections On Howard

Hours for Roman Susan Annex gallery; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3-6 PM.

What's going on with those crazy lights on Howard? Find out at their reception this coming Saturday.

We are near the tail end of Streetlight 2.0, If you haven't checked it out yet do so before it ends this 15th.

Sol Cafe now sells Glazed and Infused donuts on Fridays (since Nov 7th). Drivers from other parts are welcome to park in the four or five spots out back grab a coffee and go or take a seat and linger.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Touche' Gets Gold Stars For Its New Look

The scaffolding is down revealing Touche's new face.

Long overdue rehab on the old gay bar on Clark. The black painted wood was peeling and faded. tweeted a photo of Touche's old look yesterday. Traffic cones protect the facade while it dries. The siding was replaced over the past couple of weeks,

The gold stars up top and the black trim look sharp. "Chicago's Leather Bar since 1977" They just celebrated their 37th birthday this past Thurday.

Google Maps car last drove by Touche just a couple months ago.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Still No Bicycle Pump On Paulina

RPBA over a month ago told everyone on Everyblock that to chill about the missing bicycle pump. A vital component was broken and it was simply removed for repairs.

Dero's homebase is Minneapolis, Mn and these repair stations are actually made in the USA with American steel. Not sure about all the components of the station though. Maybe that's the problem.

What good is a bicycle repair station if it can't pump air? The only sign of progress, one of the black rubber covers was replaced (on one of two arms where the bicycle rests during repair)

Sherwin Chase Neighbors Meet Up

Holsman House in its final days

The Touhy Park Advisory Council, Sherwin Chase Neighbors, (been around since at least 1996) and surrounding  community will meet on Monday, November,10th 7:00pm at Touhy Park 7348 N Paulina. 773-262-6737.

This is our last meeting of the year, I will give a short report on what has happened so far this year.I really need your help for next year, what events would you like to see at the park, I need ideas and input from all of you.We have a great Supervisor & Rec leader that go the extra mile, BUT we
need your help.

We will discuss safety concerns and crime in our area, especially with the Holidays coming up, I'll give some tips on how to stay safe.Please come to the meeting to report any Bad Buildings, Gang Activity, Drug Dealing, or any other illegal activity in our area.I will submit your reports to the
24th District Police Commander.  THANK YOU.

Tony Iniquez,
Sherwin Chase Neighbors

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"I can't effin' believe it!"

1300 block of W Farwell Ave
site of water management construction

The ritual of tearing down no parking tow zone signs commences once again. This hinders the seemingly never ending construction. Its an old city and these repairs are overdue. The electrical substation project has been on going since 2012. And now the fire hydrants, water and sewer system are being fixed and replaced.

Typical response from enraged motorists is to spit in the eye of authority and tear them down. Meanwhile the heavy machinery and workmen have no where to park. Further delaying the rebuilding of city infrastructure.

If someone rips down a parking sign who puts it back up? Surely that's not the end of the matter? Don't like a parking law or the rules of the road? Just take it down? Local constables were notified on the situation and they took appropriate action. Far better to receive a ticket than a tow.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Bar Is Open @ Philly's Best

The booze signs are hung and lit. Eight beers on tap. The current line up : Stella Artois, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Blue Moon, Revolution Brew Double Fist, Lagunitas IPA, Two Brother Side Kick, Matilda, and Founders. Two cops stopped by to grab a bite. The New England Bronco game was on. A man with glasses alone tapping away at his computer. College age kids at the corner walk-up table.

If anyone opening a restaurant wants to know what the customers are thinking you can't escape the site that is Yelp. Most common complaints; philly cheese steak too small and you can't have different games on different televisions. It looks like people like what they're getting. They just want more of it. What do people rave about? The fry/burger bar and customer service.

We are lucky that Philly's Best moved from Evanston to Rogers Park (6800 N Sheridan Chicago, Il). We needed another neighborhood retreat for good grub. drinks, a place to unwind and catch the game whatever it happens to be.

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