Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"I can't effin' believe it!"

1300 block of W Farwell Ave
site of water management construction

The ritual of tearing down no parking tow zone signs commences once again. This hinders the seemingly never ending construction. Its an old city and these repairs are overdue. The electrical substation project has been on going since 2012. And now the fire hydrants, water and sewer system are being fixed and replaced.

Typical response from enraged motorists is to spit in the eye of authority and tear them down. Meanwhile the heavy machinery and workmen have no where to park. Further delaying the rebuilding of city infrastructure.

If someone rips down a parking sign who puts it back up? Surely that's not the end of the matter? Don't like a parking law or the rules of the road? Just take it down? Local constables were notified on the situation and they took appropriate action. Far better to receive a ticket than a tow.

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