Saturday, May 17, 2014

Take That! You Pesky No Parking Sign!

A reader (JPS) sent in the following photos from work being done on the Redline at Fargo and Ashland that is probably causing many of you a sleepless night. Right now!

Street parkers need to remember that they do have a nifty back up when crazy street sweeping, CTA projects and People's Gas take over. Gateway Parking Garage at 7474 N Rogers is a way better option than circling the neighborhood for half an hour or chancing an expensive ticket. If you don't feel safe walking down the stairs then just walk down the car ramp.

Please continue reading for more pictures and words

Ashland Fargo

"I took some photos today of the CTA project they're doing now.  Traffic can get thru if you're daring.  I looked on the CTA website and it seems this is part of the Red Line and Purple line Modernization Project.  I didn't see a time frame listed - but there were public meeting notices if one had the time and inclination to go to such a thing."

"I included a photo of a "street sweeping notice' placard.  The orange ones all street parkers love to see (I'm a street parker......hey it came free when I moved in).  I see these all the time on the ground and such and it really is starting to boil me a little.  Is this something I would forward to Joe Moore?  I don't want to seem like a petty busy-body----but it gets tiresome as a resident to always have a threat of ticket looming with Peoples Gas taking spots, street sweeping, snow zones, etc., etc.,---just feel they ought to pick up a little after they leave."

Fargo East

Fargo South

Fargo North
That crane is really tall! Earlier today.

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