Saturday, May 3, 2014

Scene-of-Crime North Of Howard

Rogers Park made it onto the latest citywide ballistics report again. Conflicting reports as usual. Sun-Times lists 7700 N Block of Paulina as the scene-of-crime; Chicago Scanner and Chicago Trib 1658 or 1600 block w Jonquil Terrace respectively. There is a 1656 w Jonquil but no 1658.

The building at that corner has multiple blue signs that read "No Trespassing/Loitering, Chicago Police Department Will Arrest Unauthorized Individuals For Criminal Trespassing Per Code 720 ILCS 5-21-3 Of The Illinois Criminal Code".

The caution tape is likely from some other misdeed.

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No agreement as to where the injured party was treated or shot. Was it St Francis or was it Northwestern Memorial? Was he shot in the arm or was it the leg?

This particular snipe occurred at just after one am last night. At least the Sun-Times gave the incident a separate report and includes much more information. Reportedly the male hit is a gang member and was approached by several other males before the gunshots.

Last month a sixteen year old was killed nearby in the 7600 block of north Ashland.

No big outcry or media coverage since no one was killed.

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