Thursday, May 8, 2014

Another Shipment Of Chips Has Arrived

Didn't realize how often Round The Clock Liquors got chip bag deliveries. Here's one from 3/20 and here's one from 2/27. Maybe the Vitner's and Doritos drivers are friends and distribute bulk loads together? Vitner's was spotted in this old photo expose in the late eighties (Sullivan School shooting).

Vitner's is a local Chicago company. Well, it was; Snak King acquired Vitner's two years ago. Vitner's is based in Freeport, Illinois and 4202 w 45th street Chicago, Illinois. You can take a virtual tour of the factory here. The company started as a collection of family owned storefronts selling various sundries on the south side of Chicago. Then the family bought a popcorn machine, the extra popcorn was sold to local taverns. And one thing led to another.

Sample chips from Vitner's - bbq, sour cream and onion, cruchy curls, cool ranch, kettle cooked, salt and sour, Louisiana spicy. We can take pride that some of those chip bags flying around our city streets were locally made and distributed.

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jtizzle said...

I was in there the other day and saw someone use their link card to buy alcohol.