Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hooray For People's Gas!

People's Gas has wreaked havoc upon our fair village this past year. They have done a decent job in covering their tracks though. Especially here at Fargo and Ashland. They planted sod in many instances where none existed. On parkways and private property all over the neighborhood. Sometimes the dermarcation is notably sharp. Like the solid strip of green in the dirt lawn above.

Strung out drug addicts are still hanging in the alcove at 7420 N Ashland around the corner in this troubled building. One anorexic lady whose years of drug use have robbed her of her vitality stood in the doorway nervously talking into her cordless landline looking up and down the street. One 911 operator thought that this wasn't worth police time. Ok so we should stake the area out, wait for the drug deal and then call it in? Speaking to the building's manager it seems that the landlord is in no hurry to sell. In the meantime addicts, drug pushers and prostitutes keep cycling in and out.

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