Monday, May 19, 2014

Meet Me At Pooh Corner

Our usual rendezvous spot has been compromised.

We can't talk about this using Skype, email, instant messenger, text message, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, cellphone, payphone, telegram, semaphore, passenger pigeon, pony express, any type of letter or mail (not even with encryption and invisible ink), teletype, taped recordings, telegraph, walkie talkie, cb or ham radio, message in a bottle, time capsule with time machine, smoke signal, heliograph, photograph, movie, satellite, signal lamp, signal flare, dirt messages, or personal messenger.

Also please don't tell the town cryer, or use a fax machine, the PA system, a bullhorn, television ads, newspaper ads, stone tablets, graffiti, or post a message on the public square or even use the comment section here.

Everything is bugged. Trying to lose my tail as we speak. Pooh corner is the last spot left they don't know about. This message will self destruct in twenty seconds.

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